Apple Sauce


Organic apples (you can use any kind you like)
Cured Nutrition Cinnamon & Honey Spice
Filtered water


1. Cut apples and compost the core. I did not peel mine, but if you want to- you can. I used 4 small apples, which yielded 1 C.
2. Add 1 C filtered water to the pot (or more if you have more apples). Put apples into water & spice with Cured Nutrition Cinnamon & Honey spices. If you don’t have it, cinnamon will do. Add nutmeg to your liking. 
3. Bring to a boil, and cover.
4. Once boiling, bring to simmer and let apples soak until they’re soft.
5. Once soft, add to the food processor, blender, or hand mash it. Either way, blend to your liking of consistency. 
6. Taste to see if you want more spices. 
7. Let cool & ENJOY!

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