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PRANAMAT ECO Massage Mat and Pillow

Since I started posting about using Pranamat ECO on my Instagram, I’ve been flooded with messages about it. Most of which have simply been asking if it “works.” My answer is – yes, it absolutely works for me.    For those of you who don’t already know, the Pranamat ECO products are therapeutic massage mat & pillow used to relieve pain, soreness and tension …

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Veggie Burrito

Ingredients This is according to our serving size for two people. We had plenty of left overs.  Wraps *we chose gluten free tortillas made out of black rice, which were super yummy, but also fell apart really easily. It helps to get LARGE wraps, to make sure the ingredients don’t burst out of the sides and …

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Soul Bowl

You’ve probably seen this meal (or a variation of it) at a million cutesy vegan cafes.Or, even just as a veg option on a regular menu. It’s super simple and inexpensive to create in your own kitchen, and one of my top picks for summery meals. Soul Bowls are perfect for lunch or dinner, as …

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I know there are plenty of granola/muesli options out there. But here’s the thing: it’s SO EASY and affordable to make big batches of your own! I love to make personalized mixes of your own depending on which fruits are in season. It’s also just nice to know EXACTLY what’s going into each batch, considering …

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Chia Pudding

To be honest, I can’t believe I’m even writing a “recipe” for this, because it’s SO DAMN SIMPLE that’s kind of hilarious.However, I actually do get a lot of questions about how to make it- so I thought, why not?This is a great option for a quick, simple, yet HEALTHY start to your day.Combine it …

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