Bliss Ball

These tasty bites are SO easy, delicious, and nutritious all at once. 
I’ve been making these (or variations of these) for years now. 
But adding my new Your Superfoods powders has definitely taken things up a notch. 
However, that’s not to say that if you don’t have fancy powders that it won’t still be yummy and packed with goodness- because it will!
This is just a great way to pack a little more punch. 


Pitted dates
Nuts of your choice (raw) 
Nut butter of your choice (no sugar)
Bunch of overripe bananas
Organic shredded, dried coconut (no additives)
Cacao Nibs
Organic Hemp Hearts

Optional additions:
Your Super Foods “Chocolate Lover” blend
Dried fruit of your choice
Organic Honey (non-vegan) as sweetener
Organic Maple Syrup (vegan) as sweetener
Additional seeds of your choice


Surprise, surprise, I didn’t measure anything. So this is very estimated. 

1. Add one full bag of pitted dates to a bowl with as much nut butter and chopped, raw nuts of your choice. Add hemp seeds and/or any other seeds that you like. If you like to have a nutty flavor, use equal or more nuts and seeds to dates. If you prefer for it to be sweeter, then use more dates. 
2. On stove, heat up cacao nibs with a touch of water. Mix in Your Superfoods “Chocolate Lover” blend (or another super food blend of your choice). Keep on medium heat until cacao nibs soften and melt. I like to keep mine chunky, rather than a smooth runny consistency. I find that heating them up brings out more flavor. 
3. Blend bunch of overripe bananas until completely liquid. Keep in separate bowl. 
4. Once cacao is to your liking, add to the date and nut mixture. Add cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamon to your liking. Blend altogether until one solid, sticky concoction.
5. Use hands to make balls out of sticky mixture, and put on plate to cool if they’re warm from the cacao.
6. Spread coconut flakes on a large plate or cutting board. 
7. Once cool, roll balls in the banana mixture so there’s a thin coating on the outside. The more banana you use, the sweeter it will be. 
8. After coating the ball with banana, then gentle roll over coconut flakes until the ball is covered. 
9. Place onto plate once dusted in coconut, and refrigerate to speed up the binding process. 
10. After about 30 minutes in the fridge, they’re ready to eat! 

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