Carrot Almond Milk

Carrot Almond Milk

The first time I tried this was at my local juice shop, and I’ll admit- I was skeptical AF. 

Let’s be real, it sounds pretty weird to put carrots in your almond milk. 

But, OMG I’m so damn happy I agreed to try it- because now I think my life is forever changed. 

Well, maybe not that far. 

But my milk game has definitely been enhanced, that’s for sure. 

This is great on it’s own, but also an exquisite additive to smoothies and smoothie bowls. 

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This made 32 oz of liquid for me

4 organic carrots (mine were on the smaller size since they were organic, if your’s are larger then 2 1/2 will suffice)
1 1/2 C organic raw almonds (unsalted, not roasted)
3 vanilla beans (in the whole form, not concentrate)
1 finger fresh turmeric 
4 organic medjool dates


1.    Soak almonds in filter water (enough to cover all the nuts) with fresh vanilla bean overnight (at least 8-10 hours).

    2.    Once soaked, drain water and rinse nuts and vanilla bean. 

    3.    Rinse and chop carrots. 

    4.    Rinse turmeric.

    5.    Take the pits out of your dates. 

    6.    Once all ingredients are prepped, fire up your juicer and add them in one at a time. 

    7.    If you’re using your veggie pulp for something specific after, then make sure to separate the pulp. If you’re not bothered, OR if you want to try my Compost Granola Bar with this exact pulp- then save it altogether. 

    8.    When adding nuts, make sure to add equal parts filtered water (1 1/2 C water). 

    9.    Make sure you also run the vanilla bean through the juicer. The vanilla bean pulp will be the only thing you’ll remove (it will likely still be stringy and in tact). 

    10.    You can add a splash of water with each date to help get the most juice out of them. 

    11.    Once everything is juiced, add milk to a mason jar and spice with cinnamon to your liking. 

    12.    Shake it up and ENJOY!

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