Cauliflower Fried Rice

Since living in Asia on and off for years on end, I’ve fallen in love with Asian cuisine even more than before.
Unfortunately, sometimes the yummiest dishes aren’t always the healthiest.

However, now that I have a kitchen- I can recreate things with my own flare, and more nutritious substitutes as well.

This cauliflower rice dish is a great way to satisfy those Asian cravings without succumbing using to MSG, soy, or an excess of salt. 
It’s made of up literally ALL plants, and quite a hearty and delicious meal.


1 large head cauliflower
Snow peas
Bean sprouts
Sesame Oil
Olive oil


1. You’ll need two frying pans here. Coat LIGHTLY with olive oil, add a heavy coat of sesame oil on top. 
2. Frying Pan 1 will use the veggies that take a little longer to cook. For that one- you’ll finely chop, or shave entire head of cauliflower. Add snow peas (I cut mine in halves), and asparagus (I cut in about fourths). 
3. Add garlic to the first mixture. I went heavy on the garlic with 4 big cloves. Lightly salt, and add a chopped chili and a dash of sriracha if you like spice. Add a bit more sesame oil on top of the mixture, then begin cooking on a low heat.
2. Frying Pan 2 will have chopped kale (I used an entire bag), chopped mushrooms, and bean sprouts. Again, I went heavy on the garlic with 3 big cloves in this mixture. If you like spice, add chopped chilis and a dash of sriracha. Add a bit more sesame oil on top of the mixture.
3. Begin cooking Frying Pan 2 on a low heat once the mixture in Frying Pan 1 has begun to soften a bit. Once it soften, turns heat up to medium with Frying Pan 1. The kale especially cooks quickly, and you want to make sure you retain as much as the nutrients as possible. 
4. Once the “rice” mixture in Frying Pan 1 has more of soft texture (like actual rice), then turn up the heat to medium with Frying Pan 2 for about 3 – 5 minutes only. Then, add Frying Pan 2 mixture to Frying Pan 1. Mix altogether on low heat.
5. Add more spice, salt, or sesame oil as needed. I like spicy- so I used about 4 fresh chilis, as well as about a tablespoon of red chili powder. 
6. Once it’s spiced and mixed, serve and enjoy!

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