Cauliflower Hummus

Cauliflower Hummus

If you’re a hummus addict like me, then you’ll appreciate this one. 

I want to make one thing clear in saying that good ‘ole regular chickpea hummus doesn’t need to be modified or cleaned up at ALL. 

I mostly just wanted to play with something that would be lighter on my digestion post-fast, which is why I decided to try this one out. 

And I gotta say, I liked the way it turned out!

It’ll definitely be something I eat whether or not I’m coming out a fast


1 head cauliflower
2 cloves garlic
2 Tbsp Organic tahini
Half of a lemon 
Black pepper
Sea salt


This made about 16 oz of hummus for me. It will obviously vary depending on the size of your cauliflower head. 

    1.    Steam cauliflower until soft (takes about 10 – 15 mins). Let it cool to lukewarm. 

    2.    Once cauliflower has cooled, add it to a food processor with 2 Tbsp tahini (or more if you want it to have fuller fat/be creamier), half of a lemon squeezed, 2 cloves garlic. Spice with sea salt and black pepper to your liking. 

    3.    Blend until creamy, or leave chunks of cauliflower if that’s how you like it. 

    4.    Dip with veggies, add on a salad, or spread onto a sandwich.


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