Chia Pudding

To be honest, I can’t believe I’m even writing a “recipe” for this, because it’s SO DAMN SIMPLE that’s kind of hilarious.
However, I actually do get a lot of questions about how to make it- so I thought, why not?
This is a great option for a quick, simple, yet HEALTHY start to your day.
Combine it with your favorite granola (or make your own!), fruits, or eat as it is. 


-Chia Seeds
-Non-dairy milk
*I like coconut milk because it has a heartier consistency
*make sure to avoid canned milks, or options with a lot of added sugars and/or preservatives

*great way to spice it up (literally)
-Cacao powder to mix with milk
-Cacao nibs to add once done
 -Fresh or dried fruit 
-Granola (make your own!)


x-Use 3 tablespoons of chia per 1 Cup of liquid
-Mix together
-Add spices or cacao powder to mixture if you’d like extra flavor
-Let mixture sit overnight in refrigerator 
-Eat once chia seeds gelatinize enough to create a thick, pudding consistency


-Eat as is
-Use in breakfast parfaits (make your own!)
-Add granola (make your own!)
-Combine with seasonal fresh or dried fruits
-Add scoop of nut butter for protein boost

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