Coconut Butter

Ok, this can hardly be called a “recipe,” but I still feel the need to share it here because this shit has changed my world!

I’ve been (sadly) having to cut back on nuts, because they’ve been really irritating mold allergies and skin problems. But I still crave a little denser additives to my smoothie bowls, rice cakes, toast, fruit, etc. So I decided to just try this out, and turns out not only is it bomb- but it’s already a thing (duh) anyways!

You can buy this pre-made, but I’m pretty sure it’s actually way cheaper to make it yourself, given how inexpensive dried coconut usually is. Either way, enjoy it as a nut butter sub, or WITH your nut butter. Also, by the spoonful is pretty freakin’ divine.


  1. Dried Coconut (unsweetened, organic)
  2. Highly recommend a large bag (1 lb), because once you blend it goes down A LOT.


  1. You will need a blender for this.
  2. These might just be the hardest instructions yet, are you ready?
  3. Pour coconut into blender & guess what? Yeah, blend it.
  4. It’ll go creamy pretty quickly, but blend it to the consistency of your liking.
  5. Don’t put it in the fridge! Like coconut oil, it will go rock hard. I like mine runny at room temp.


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