Compost Granola Bar

Compost Granola Bar

I made these tasty treats from the juice pulp from the Carrot Almond Milk

However, you can use the pulp from any nut milk and always add in carrot pulp from a veggie juice. 

Or, you can also do it without the veggie pulp at all. 

As usual, I’m not strict on recipes or guidelines when it comes to creating in the kitchen. 

I do, however, like to sneak in veggies to unexpected areas- which is why I like the additive of carrots. 

But you do you! 

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Juice pulp (I had almond, date, and carrot in mine)
1 C organic GF oats
1/4 C organic date paste
1/4 C organic cacao nibs 
1/8 C Yoursuper Chocolate Lover blend (you can sub for organic cacao powder if you don’t have this specific blend)
1 Tbsp organic coconut oil
Sea salt


    1.    Preheat oven to 350 F. 

    2.    In a large mixing bowl add all your juice pulp (mine was probably 2 1/2 C total, but I didn’t measure) and 1 C GF oats. 

    3.    If you’re juice pulp is still super wet, then you might need to add more oats so that the mixture isn’t too wet/sticky. 

    4.    It’s okay for the date pulp from the juicer to be sticky and for the almond pulp to be a little damp. These will help to bind the bars together. 

    5.    Add 1 Tbsp organic coconut oil (not melted), and 1/4 C date paste. Stir together evenly. 

    6.    Add 1/4 C cacao nibs and Yoursuper Chocolate Lover (or organic cacao powder).

    7.    Spice with cinnamon to your liking, and add a few grates of sea salt (just a pinch). 

    8.    Stir until everything is evenly spiced and seasoned. 

    9.    Add to baking tray lined with parchment paper. 

    10.    Make sure you pack in the mixture once it’s on the tray! I like to press mine in with a fork, spoon, or spatula to make sure it’s firm. This will prevent it from getting crumbly and too dry. 

    11.    You can cut the squares before baking, or you can break it up once it’s already been baked. 

    12.    Bake for 20 – 25 mins or until the edges begin to brown. 

    13.    Even if it feels somewhat soft, remember it will harden once it cools and is exposed to air. 

    14.    Let it cool to harden. If you didn’t cut the squares before baking, then you can break them into uneven chunks (that’s what I did) here. 

    15.    If it’s too crumbly, and turns into granola instead of bars- don’t fret! It will be still bomb no matter the shape 🙂


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