Creamy Green Smoothie Bowl

Creamy Green Smoothie Bowl

As most people know by now- eating green smoothie bowls does NOT mean that they have to be bitter or gross in order to get all those rich nutrients that our body needs. 

There are so many ways to make even the darkest green foods taste sweet and delicious with a few simple, and natural additives…like fresh fruit!

This recipe will share all of the tricks to the trade of making a creamy and tasty green smoothie bowl, without the bitter taste of greens, or chunky protein powders.

The Philosophie Green Dream powder helps with all of this…trust me.

Creamy Green Smoothie Bowl

Okay, so the real trick to making thick smoothie bowls is to make sure that your ingredients are frozen, rather than chilled. This will give your green smoothie bowl recipe more of an ice cream consistency, rather than yogurt.

Capturing a thick, creamy consistency will come from using frozen fruit. Particularly the creamier fruits, like bananas, avocados, and coconut.

Now, you can have a healthy green smoothie bowl, full of extra protein and loaded up with nutrients, without needing refined sugar. Fresh fruit truly is nature’s candy, especially when used in smoothie bowl recipes. 

A great way to sweeten your greens is by adding something like frozen mango, frozen pineapple, or even a sweet apple. You can leave the apple chilled, instead of frozen. 

My favorite apples to use are Gala apples, but Granny Smith apples are also a great additive for a sweet and tart flavor.

A hot tip if you’re using mango: unless you buy the mango already frozen at your grocery store, don’t bother buying fresh mango if you live in a place where mango doesn’t grow naturally. 

When I lived in Australia, Florida, and around Asia where mangos were naturally growing everywhere- this was the perfect option. But when I lived in places where mango is being imported, it was never as good tasting. Plus, it’s a lot more expensive when it’s not locally grown!

The same goes for any fruits listed in this green smoothie recipe. Always feel free to swap out fruits listed below with native fruits to where you live. This will help the cost stay low, and the taste be a heck of a lot better.

How to Add Protein to your Smoothie Bowl

How To Get Protein In A Smoothie Bowl

  • Add nut butter 
  • Use nut milk
  • Top with seeds
  • Add protein powder

One of the best things you can do for yourself every morning is to start your day with protein. This will help your body have loads of energy for the rest of the day. 

Smoothie bowls are notoriously high in sugar, even green smoothie recipes that have a high volume of green goodness in them. While sugar sure is delicious, it can lead to spikes and crashes in your energy levels throughout the day if you’re careful. 

Green smoothie bowls tend to be lower in sugar due to the green content. Plus, using fruits like fresh berries are also lower in sugar than something like mangos or pineapple. 

All in all, it’s best to have a nice balance of sugar, fiber, and protein so that you have a delicious smoothie bowl while also being able to sustain your energy for the day.

Nut Butter

Nut butter is not only incredibly easy to make or buy, but there are so many options to choose from nowadays, as well. 

You can go classic with something like peanut butter, or spice it up with almond butter or walnut butter. Get creative, and see which flavors you enjoy the most.

Nut Milk

Using nut milk provides more protein than something like oat milk. No, it’s not as frothy and creamy, but it does have extra protein.

Almond milk is a classic in the nut milk department, but macadamia milk has become quite the rage lately due to its creamy constituency and rich flavor.

Coconut is one of those funny foods that’s a nut, seed, and fruit. So technically, yes, coconut milk is also a nut milk that would be another great option for a more decadent flavor.


I love to top my smoothie bowls with seeds, because it gives a little crunch to an otherwise creamy texture. And, as a bonus, it helps to boost the protein content of the meal. 

My favorite seeds to add are chia seeds, hemp hearts, or pumpkin seeds.

Protein Powder

I’m not a huge fan of protein powder, but if I do use it, then I’m going to use Philosophie Green Dream, because it’s mild and easy to digest. 

For a slightly stronger vegan protein powder, you can also check out Four Sigmatic’s blend. I love that this one doesn’t get chunky and weird the way that some non-vegan options do.

Creamy Green Smoothie Bowl Ingredients

As usual, your girl didn’t measure exactly. But I do know that this made one heaping smoothie bowl that made me and my belly very happy. Feel free to tweak measurements as needed!

Smoothie Bowl Portion:
1 bag Organic kale or baby spinach
1 large mango (or any substitutions of your choice)
1 super soft avocado (frozen, or unfrozen)
½ cup Liquid of choice: either milk, nut milk, or coconut water (all should be unsweetened, with no refined sugar added)
2 frozen bananas
1 Tablespoon Philosophie Green Dream Blend 

Smoothie Bowl Toppings:

Granola (make your own!)
Chia seeds
Additional fresh or dried fruit (I love fresh berries and/or coconut flakes)

Creamy Green Smoothie Bowl Instructions

Step 1:

Freeze 2 bananas and 1 large mango overnight. Make sure to take skin off of each first. 

Step 2:

Once frozen, break up bananas into chunks, and add into your blender. You’ll want to have a strong blend for this, because the fruit is frozen, and it’s tough on the blade.

Step 3:

Add kale or baby spinach to your liking (I used one entire bag, but you can use less), and 1 super ripe, soft avocado. The avocado can be fresh or frozen.

Step 4:

Pour about ½ cup – 1 full cup of liquid over the mixture. The more liquid you add, the more runny it will be.

Step 5: 

Add Philosophie Green Dream blend. I used 1 Tablespoon, but you can always use more for an extra boost. 

Step 6:

Blend together until creamy and smooth. If it’s chunky, or too thick, then add more liquid.

Step 7: 

Pour into a large bowl, and add toppings of your choice. 




Creamy Green Smoothie Bowl
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