Does Energy Healing Really Work?

If you don’t already know, we love to get a little woo woo around here. And, as someone who’s been receiving energy healing for years now, I thought…why not write about it?

I mean, I’ve been seeing the same women for several years now. And I don’t see her regularly- it’s only every few months or so. But every time, I have pretty incredible results like rashes clearing up, physical pain going away, or help in conceiving. 

Here’s the thing, energy healing can look a lot of different kinds of ways. And, it can provide a ton of benefits. As with any practice or technique that’s given to you by someone else, make sure to consider the ethics and credibility of the facilitator you choose. 

And, most importantly, make sure to consider if you actually believe in all this stuff anyways. That will really be key. 

Because there’s so much mystery around this topic, and a healthy dose of skepticism, I figured I’d dedicate this entire post to unraveling some of the curiosity on the topic of energy healing. Today, we’ll go over whether or not energy healing works, what it is, and the benefits of energy healing for the mind, body, and soul. 

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Does Energy Healing Really Work?

Does Energy Healing Really Work?

Yes, energy healing absolutely can work. And also, it definitely cannot. Wait, that’s not really clarifying anything, is it? 

Okay, but you have to remember- all modalities of healing, whether they’re allopathic or natural, have rates of both success and failure. I don’t really think there’s anything that just across the board works no matter what, is there?

Energy healing is no different in that there are many people who swear by it (like me), and then people that think it’s just another snake oil sales tactic (which can also certainly be true btw). 

If you’re on the fence about it, the greatest suggestion I can give you is this: go into it with an open mind. If you go into it cynically, then you’re not really open to receiving the potential benefits that can come from it. 

Of course it’s still important to maintain your sense of self, your boundaries, and to always make sure there’s consent between you and the facilitator- it’s still vital that you go into it with a soft approach that signals you’re open, willing, and trusting of this process.

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What Is Energy Healing?

Energy healing can look a lot of different ways. There are some modalities that require physical touch, while there are many that can be done totally remote- and don’t require any sort of closeness….let alone touch. 

Make sure to choose something that you’re comfortable with based on your own personal boundaries around touch. And always make sure your facilitator asks for consent before going into a session of any kind. 

You can find energy healing through all modalities listed below:

  • Ayurveda
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Reiki
  • Chakra healing
  • Yoga
  • Shamanism
  • Psychedelic therapies
  • Massage 
  • Singing bowls
  • Meditation
  • Prayer

Because all of these modalities are so different from one another, the way sessions themselves will look quite different, as well. 

If you choose to book an energy healing session with a remote healer, typically this means you’ll let them know what you want to work on first. They’ll ask a few clarifying questions. And then you get comfy for a sort of meditation that might be 30 minutes to an hour while they “work” on you. 

After they’ve done whatever modality they practice on you, then they’ll let you know what they did and why. They’ll probably also ask if you have any questions, and then the session will be over. 

You might feel a little out of it after, because you’ve just been in a long meditation. But you should start feeling the benefits soon after. Ideally within the next day or so.

Benefits Of Energy Healing

As you can tell from the list above, there are endless benefits to all of those modalities. Like many spiritual practices, the benefits can be felt holistically from the body, to the mind, to the soul. 

Lower Stress Levels In Body And Mind

One of the greatest benefits I personally feel from an energy healing session is a lower sense of stress overall. I carry stress in the body, which can manifest as giant knots in my shoulders, or rashes all over my body. After energy healing work, these symptoms go away, and my mind feels more at ease.

Does Energy Healing Really Work?

Increased Calm

Most energy healing sessions are like being in a long meditation, you can imagine that that alone will help to increase your sense of calm. No, you don’t need to pay someone else to get you to meditate for an hour and to feel calm, but at least you know you’re getting some sense of relief from the meditation on its own!

Reduced Physical Pain

As I mentioned before, I feel a lot of my mental or emotional pain in my body. This expresses through my skin, and other areas in a very physical manner. When it comes time for me to have an energy healing session, I notice a dramatic decrease of pain almost immediately. 

Practice Of Mindfulness

Meditation is a great practice to improve mindfulness. So, even if you only get an awesome guided (or even unguided) meditation out of your energy healing session, at least you know you got to fill your mindfulness cup for the week.

Improves Well Being

Stress is literally the bane of my existence. Anyone else? Truly, stress is one of those things that just makes everything else so heightened and just plain…worse. Having an outlet where you can reduce your stress by sharing with a facilitator, as well as sitting in a long meditation, is a great way to improve overall well being.

Reduced Depression

Let me be clear in saying if you get an energy healing session you’re depression won’t just magically go away. As someone who’s lived with lifelong depression, I can attest to the fact that it’s not as simple as that. However, energy healing can serve as a wonderful tool in your toolkit to help you navigate through depressive spells with more support and ease.

Reduced Anxiety 

Similar to depression, anxiety can’t be cured with energy healing alone. Trust me, I know how debilitating anxiety and panic can be. Energy healing can be a great outlet for anxiety due to the increase of calm and mindfulness, while also being able to unload your worries with someone else.

Does Energy Healing Really Work?

Feeling More Connected

You’ve probably heard people who have participated in Ayahuasca ceremonies or even long meditations how they feel like they’re “one with the Universe.” I can say from my own experience with both, there’s something about energy work that helps you feel connected to yourself and others in a way that’s almost indescribable. This can help to combat loneliness and confusion.

Risks Of Energy Healing

While there are so many incredible benefits of energy healing, there are (of course) risks, as well. It’s always important to be vigilant with who you choose to do this work with, as most of the risks have to do with the facilitators themselves.

My best advice for those of you seeking an energy healing facilitator is to get a recommendation from a friend, teacher, or therapist. Sure, there’s plenty of trustworthy people selling their services online (I mean, duh, I’m one of them), but you should always enter with caution when you’re signing up blindly from some shiny stranger on the Internet. 

I’ve always found my best teachers, mentors, therapists and healers through recommendations. 

If you read my blog on how to prepare for your first acupuncture session, then you know I said the same thing there. And that’s because acupuncture is healing work, too!

Lack Of Consent

Whoever you’re working with should always ask your consent before performing any kind of work on you. I know this is controversial, but honestly this should even be the case for prayer. 

Yes, plenty of times people include you in their “good vibes,” reiki, or prayers from a loving place. But ultimately, they should be asking your consent before doing so as it is a highly intimate practice.


One of the greatest risks of energy healing is the manipulation that can come with the person who’s selling it. If you’re unsure if they’re manipulating you, make sure to look at big promises and blanket statements

You’ll also want to notice if they make it seem like it’s your fault that you’re not feeling the relief you were hoping for after working with them. 

If they just promised to heal your depression with 10 sessions, and you don’t feel better $1,000 later, and they tell you that you just “didn’t do the work…” then they’re probably full of sh*t. Hate to break it to you.

Does Energy Healing Really Work?


It can be hard to vet the right person for this position, which means you might try on a few different people before you find “the one.” In that case, you might be throwing money down the drain in search of the best person for you. 

Be aware if the person you’re working with is trying to upsell you, or pushing their products all the time. 

The best facilitators I’ve worked with have been so confident in their work, they’ve never needed to push a damn thing. They’re so good that I naturally want to seek out more with them, because the results speak for themselves. 

All in all, energy healing can absolutely work. Especially when you find the right person to work with. But a lot of it comes down to mindset and beliefs. 

I basically think if I’m not hurting anyone, no one is hurting me, and I’m willing paying this person without being coerced- then who cares if it’s real? Who cares if it actually works so long as it provides the relief I’m looking for?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!



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