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I like to buy organic produce. 

I also made several liters at a time since I’m juicing for 5 days, so I did my best to adjust ingredients according to single servings.

1 head kale 
2 beets
1 cucumber 
3 stocks celery
1 lemon
1 pear
1/2 apple (I used Gala)


1.    Wash and cut fruits and veggies.

    2.    I like to juice my veggies separate from the fruits, because I use the pulp for different things.

    3.    Juice veggies and herbs first, then collect pulp for Pizza Crackers later.

    4.    Next, juice fruit. You can use that pulp for Granola or Cookies.

    5.    Taste test to make sure you like it. If it’s too bitter, add more pear. If it’s too sweet, add more grapefruit. ENJOY!

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