Flu Fighter Herbal Tea

BUT, it’s important to know that the herbs and lemon do ENOUGH exactly as they are.
The longer you let the ginger and turmeric steep, the stronger the tea will be. I don’t include measurements, because it’s really based on your flavor tolerance and spice tolerance. I like it strong and spicy. Plus, the spicier it is, the better the mixture is for the lungs.
But, even a lighter tea is better than nothing!


Fresh ginger
Fresh turmeric

Mushroom blend (I use SuperFeast Mason’s Mushrooms)
Schizandra (I use SuperFeast)
Soluable Fiber (I use Silverfern Brand)


1. If you have a teapot, add chunks of ginger and turmeric to the pot with boiling water, and let steep for awhile (at least 30 minutes).
2. If you’re like me, and you DON’T have a teapot- no worries! Just add chunks of ginger and turmeric to a pot of hot water on the stove. Cover and boil. Once boiled, bring to a low heat and steep for about 30 minutes.
3. You can also do this in a kettle, so long as you’re okay with that flavored hot water.
4. Once ginger and turmeric has steeped to your liking, add to mug with juice from ½ lemon (if you don’t the tangy flavor as much, then add less lemon).
5. If you’re including additives, stir in about ¼ tsp of each with hot water.
6. Drink hot and enjoy!

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