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In this preview course you’ll learn…

The top 3 components of being a successful yoga teacher in order to attract more students, receive higher pay, and build confidence to lead retreats. 


Strong Cueing

Cues will make or break your yoga class, and the words you choose will dictate whether or not students will return to your classes. My cueing methodology is simple, effective, and completely transforms your cues from average to spectacular. 

Intelligent Sequencing

Sequencing must be done with thought behind it in order to create that WOW factor with your yoga classes. I include 3 sequencing methods that target safe classes on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

Knowing Your Purpose

Knowing your purpose as a yoga teacher grounds you in your WHY, while also giving you direction in moving forward. I created a simple formula for you to discover your unique purpose as a teacher will help with everything from your class creation, to the way you show up online.

In this Free training you will  learn how I teach my students feel more confident...


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Meet Your Teacher

Hi There!

I'm Kayla

I am a yoga teacher, humanitarian, and entrepreneur. I have been practicing yoga asana for 21 years. Over time, my practice of yoga has expanded beyond the physical & into a mental, spiritual, and holistic approach to life.

I’ve accumulated over 1,000 hours of training from a variety of schools, styles, and methodologies around the world.

In the last 7 years, I’ve crafted a unique style by pulling bits and pieces from my continuous study and my own life’s evolution.

I share my teachings across the globe through my retreat business, GLOW Yoga Retreats, and also online through my growing Instagram community.


Connect with me on social and join my growing Instagram community of over 400K amazing people.

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Online YTT & Continuing Education is right for you...

If you want a higher return rate of students to your classes, without having to sacrifice your own unique voice as a teacher

If you want better understanding of self while refining your teaching skills through specific methods, strategies, and formulas that have proven to work time and time again. 

If you want to deepen your yoga teaching skills and find your unique voice.

Advanced your trainings and Empower The Teacher Within You!

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