100 Heart Chakra Affirmations

Affirmations are one of those tools in your spiritual and wellness toolbelt that are so simple, yet so incredibly effective when practiced with consistency. And the best part about them? They’re totally free!

Let’s back up for just a second, and talk about what the heck affirmations even are. Affirmations can be any positive statement that resonates with you. Easy enough, right?

One of the simplest ways to structure an affirmation is with an “I am” statement. I like to encourage my students to keep their affirmations relatively simple and concise so they’re easy to remember. 

You can practice your affirmations anytime. Truly. Whether you’re meditating, or you’re getting ready in the morning before work. 

You can repeat your affirmations out loud to yourself in the mirror. Or, you can silently repeat them when you’re driving, walking, cooking, or any other activity. 

I like to think of affirmations as little love notes to yourself, which turn into little love notes from the Universe. There’s something powerful about declaring your affirmations (whether that’s in your head, or aloud) that can help to attract those very desires into your life. 

Affirmations can also be paired with different chakras. Simply put, chakras are energy centers in the body that contribute to how we feel physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

While they’re are chakras all over our entire body, in yoga we typically focus on the 7 chakras existing up and down the length of the spine. 

In today’s post, I’ll be focusing on the Heart Chakra, which is the fourth chakra. This energy center (unsurprisingly) is located in the chest, right around where the heart is. 

The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is the seat of our utmost love, compassion, joy, and forgiveness. Which is why a blocked heart chakra can result in feelings of unworthiness, loneliness, isolation, and disconnection. 

Today’s post will share heart chakra affirmations for unconditional love in order to battle those symptoms of heart chakra blockages. 

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100 Heart Chakra Affirmations

One of the things I love most about the Heart Chakra is that it serves as a bridge between the lower three chakras, and the upper three chakras. 

The lower three chakras are connected to our humanness, while the upper three chakras are associated with our sense of spirituality or something greater. 

The Heart Chakra serves as a bridge between our human self and our Higher Self, which means….as you might have guesses….it’s a pretty powerful energy center to reckon with. 

Using powerful Heart Chakra Affirmations is a really simple tool you can bring with you into your yoga practice in order to balance this particular energy center. 

Try my 21 Day Chakra Reset series for yoga classes for each chakra. 

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Affirmations For Finding Love

  • I am worthy of love. 
  • I am enough exactly as I am.
  • I am loveable. 
  • I am full of love. 
  • I am deserving of love.
  • I radiate loving kindness. 
  • I attract love. 
  • My heart is open for love. 
  • I practice love and acceptance. 
  • I am ready for love. 
  • I am love and compassion. 
  • I love myself. 
  • I am overflowing with love. 
  • I am unafraid of love. 
  • I open my heart to love. 
  • I am willing to love and be loved. 
  • I choose love. 
  • I believe in love. 
  • I radiate love. 
  • I have an infinite supply of love. 

Affirmations For Joy And Happiness

  • I am surrounded with loving light. 
  • I am committed to my own joy. 
  • I am joyful.
  • I have a positive mindset.
  • I deserve to be happy. 
  • I am happy. 
  • I live for joy. 
  • I am worthy of feeling joy in my life. 
  • I am capable of deep joy and happiness. 
  • I am excited about today. 
  • I am joyfully participating in my own life. 
  • I seek joy in all that I do. 
  • I am playful to discover more joy. 
  • I am open to give and receive love. 
  • Happiness begins with me. 
  • My mindset determines my happiness. 
  • I see joy in every moment. 
  • I see good in others. 
  • Every day is a gift. 
  • Everything will be okay. 

Affirmations For Forgiveness

  • I forgive myself.
  • I forgive others.
  • I  forgive those who have hurt me. 
  • I have forgiven myself.
  • I am capable of healing. 
  • I practice forgiveness for myself. 
  • I find freedom in forgiveness. 
  • I am empowered through forgiveness. 
  • I am worthy of compassion and empathy.
  • I deserve to be happy. 
  • I deserve to feel free. 
  • My heart is open to forgiveness. 
  • I learn from my mistakes. 
  • I accept all that is. 
  • Forgiveness is a strength. 
  • Forgiveness is my superpower. 
  • I release the past. 
  • I am committed to the present. 
  • I am worthy of forgiveness. 
  • I am strong enough to forgive others.

Affirmations For Relationships

  • I am ready for meaningful relationships. 
  • I am open to finding love. 
  • I attract love. 
  • My heart is open to love. 
  • I am trusting. 
  • I am vulnerable. 
  • I am releasing the past. 
  • I am willing to move on. 
  • I am open to new beginnings. 
  • I attract loving energy. 
  • I attract kindness. 
  • I feel safe in my relationships. 
  • I trust my own judgment. 
  • I deserve a fulfilling relationship. 
  • I practice active listening. 
  • I deserve to be fully seen. 
  • I am worthy of being fully heard. 
  • I am capable of being fully held. 
  • I deserve love and affection. 
  • I am attracting the right people into my life. 

Affirmations For Financial Abundance

  • I am open to financial abundance. 
  • Financial abundance flows into me. 
  • I am worthy of financial abundance. 
  • I am capable of achieving financial freedom. 
  • I attract the right opportunities. 
  • I am hard working. 
  • I am disciplined. 
  • I am consistent. 
  • I am financially free. 
  • I am unafraid of financial abundances. 
  • I release my fear around money. 
  • I release my shame around money. 
  • I release my guilt around money. 
  • I accept financial success. 
  • I am more than money. 
  • I am abundant. 
  • I am overflowing with abundance. 
  • I have a wealthy mindset. 
  • I choose wealth. 
  • I deserve financial freedom.

Let me know which affirmation has been the most helpful for you in your journey to opening your heart in the comments below!



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