High Protein Breakfast (Egg Free)

Who else out there loves a warm, savory breakfast? I know I do! Especially when the weather is changing to cooler temperatures.

Eating a warm, cooked breakfast is a great way to support your digestion first thing in the morning. While fruit is full of fiber (yay digestion!), sometimes it can be too cold, or too sugary to start the day. 

My tip for you if you’re a sweet breakfast person would be to eat your fruit at room temperature, or add warming spices to your sweet treat to aid in digestion. My favorite warming spice to add is cinnamon. This is something I douse my vegan parfait with anytime I scarf one down. 

High Protein Breakfast (Egg Free)

High Protein Breakfast (Egg Free)

This recipe is not vegan, nor vegetarian. We’re using meat, baby! But the good news is that you can easily substitute the ground turkey with something like tofu, tempe, or eggs if you can’t get on board with meat in the morning. 

I’ll be honest, I made this for my wife- because although I’m no longer vegan, I still haven’t been able to venture into the meat realm. It’s just never really been my thing, so I’m following my body’s natural cues and cravings to let me know what it needs. 

Since I made this for my wife, and she doesn’t do eggs- she says she’s allergic, but I think she doesn’t like them honestly- I had to get creative. Fun!

Why It’s Important To Start The Morning With Protein

Why It’s Important To Start The Morning With Protein

  • Full satiates you.
  • High energy.
  • Low brain fog.
  • Fuel for workout.
  • No sugar crash.
  • Less binging.

Protein is always a good idea. But trust me when I say it’s especially good in the morning, as it kicks you off for a good start to the day. 

Keep in mind that protein can’t be the only thing you start your day with. Fiber is also incredibly important, and something to keep in mind when you’re planning your next meal.

Fully Satiates You

Protein helps to fully satiates you, rather than leaving you hungry after a meal. It provides fullness in a way that helps you to tackle your to-do list for the day.

High Energy

Protein can also help to increase your energy, because it’s giving your body all of those loving nutrients. 

Low Brain Fog

Oftentimes when we’re not getting enough protein, we might feel brain foggy and out of it. Getting enough protein helps to improve focus and clarity.

Fuel For Workout

You know I love my morning movement as a part of my morning routine, so it’s imperative that I have the proper fuel to support my workout! Protein is a great option, as it also helps to build and sustain muscle.

No Sugar Crash

Unlike a sugary breakfast, there won’t be a spike or a crash after a protein rich meal. This is helpful for the start of your work day, and beyond.

Less Binging

Because your body is totally full and satisfied, you’re less likely to get snacky or bingy throughout the day. If you’re hungry- eat! But getting enough protein can help to curb that sensation to look for something to fill the void. 

benefits of protein in the morning

Ingredients High Protein Breakfast (Egg Free)

Remember, you can always swap out these ingredients for vegan or vegetarian options should you choose! There’s no need to stick to ground turkey if it doesn’t suit you. 

Great substitutes for the ground turkey are: tofu, tempe, scrambled eggs.

Organic ground turkey

Organic lentils 

Organic tricolored quinoa 

Organic chickpea flour 

Vegan cheese of choice

Organic microgreen sprouts

Organic taco seasoning 

Organic ground garlic 

Organic ground onion 

Himalayan sea salt 

Black pepper

Instructions High Protein Breakfast (Egg Free)

As usual, your girl didn’t measure. Because who measures for breakfast?! I mean, seriously. 

Also, I luckily already had the lentils and quinoa made, so I just needed to warm them up on the stove. Highly recommend making a large batch of staples like beans, lentils, and grains so you can easily throw together nutritious meals. 

Lastly, if you stock up on ground turkey, keep it in the freezer. It’ll last forever, and unthaws super quickly. That’s what we do around here. 

Step 1

Make quinoa according to measurements on your own package. 

Step 2

Make lentils according to measurement on your own package. Lentils should be cooked through, not watery like dhal. 

Step 3

Unthaw ground turkey as needed by zapping in the microwave.

Step 4

Prep for chickpea flour tortillas by measuring 1 cup of chickpea flour, adding ground garlic, ground onion, salt and pepper to your liking. Mix first as dry mixture, then slowly add ¾ cup water to the mixture while stirring. Batter should be thin, but firm. 

Step 5

Use a medium skillet with tablespoon of olive oil to start cooking the ground turkey when it’s ready. Cook turkey on medium high heat, and cover with taco seasoning to your liking. 

Step 6

While turkey is cooking, make chickpea flour tortillas, by pouring ¼ cup of batter onto a skillet on the stove at medium low heat. The skillet does not need olive oil. Spread the batter out thinly, so that it resembles a tortilla, rather than flat bread.

Step 7

When the chickpea flour tortilla started to bubble, then use a solid spatula to flip, and cook through on the second side. Move onto plate once it’s done.

Step 8

When the turkey is mostly cooked through, add ¼  cup of quinoa and ½ cup of lentils to the same pan as the turkey. Add more taco seasoning if you’d like the spice, otherwise leave as is. Stir, and cook on medium low heat.

Step 9

Once your chickpea flour tortillas are done, sprinkle with cheese and reheat on low heat to melt cheese. 

Step 10

As soon as cheese is melted, add the turkey, quinoa, and lentil mixture to the tortillas. 

Step 11

If your tortillas get soft when you add the moisture from the turkey mixture, then pop the entire tortilla WITH the mixture onto a skiller on medium low heat to help crisp it up again.

Step 12

Whenever it’s cooked to your liking, remove and sprinkle the top with organic microgreens of your choice. 

High Protein Breakfast (Egg Free)




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