Homemade Immunity Shots: How To Make a One Ingredient Immunity Booster at Home!

I had a *moment* with juicing a few years back. I was VERY into juicing, juice cleanses, liquid fasts and so on. But as the years went on, I started to notice that this was actually making me feel worse, not better- so I stopped. 

Although I stopped juicing in substitution of eating, I still drink juice regularly! And, you bet your bum I still use my Namawell juicer when I do (use my code KAYLALA to say 10%). I got so many of you hooked on Namawell during the pandemic, and I LOVE that I did, because this still truly a brand I stand behind and use on the reg. I mean, truly- so much so that we got a SECOND one to bring to Nicaragua and use in Still Salty Escape’s kitchen for our guests, as well. 

Namawell juicer

Homemade Immunity Shots

If you’ve been here awhile, or you’ve simply perused my blog, then you’ll see tons of juice and juice pulp recipes. Many of which I still love dearly. However, there’s one juice that’s queen. So much so, she doesn’t need a recipe, because she’s just one single, powerful ingredient. And that, my friends, is ginger juice. 

I’m not talking about ginger with turmeric, or lemon, or pineapple, or apple, or any of flavor that might take away from that potent spice we all know and love. I’m talking about straight the hell up GINGER on its own. Is it intense? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely. 

There’s 3 reasons I love ginger juice daily:

1. Immunity Boost

Most of you know about my chronic health issues, so I’m always open to incorporating immune boosting practices, foods, and drinks into my life. One of the most beneficial things I’ve discovered is that when I treat my immune system as a whole, then my overall health improves (not entirely shocking, I know). Ginger provides antibacterial and antiviral properties, as well as power antioxidants. 

2. Digestive Aid

It’s no secret that ginger supports and aids our digestion (we see this in a variety of anti-bloat supplements). No shade at these supplements, but also- why not just go to the source? Whether you’re eating ginger by cooking it into your foods, or juicing it- you’ll belly will say a big fat THANK YOU (especially if you drink the juice or shot AFTER your meal). Fiber also helps our digestion, so if you don’t want to miss out on all the yummy fiber that comes out in the pulp from the juicing process- highly recommend mixing it in with your next batch of granola (recipe linked) for the most delicious, subtle flavor of all. 

3. Palette Cleanser

Not gonna lie, I think this one is more of a personal preference and experience, as opposed to a universally researched and accepted (like the above points). But man, I FEEL this after I’m done eating, if I take a shot of ginger juice- my mouth feels more cleansed, AND I signal to my body that the meal is over- rather than eating past fullness, which I can definitely do when I’m bored, stressed, or just plain mindless. I like to have that refreshed cleansed flavor in my mouth, because it also helps with any funky breath that might have occurred from whatever you just ate. 

Moral of the story: ginger needs a marketing agent, and I’m happy to be that person. No, this common little root isn’t sexy, or flashy like the trendiest new supplement- but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a powerful punch of goodness. Don’t believe me? Try for yourself.



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