Honest Review Of Using Mouth Tape While Sleeping

I’ve seen the mouth tape craze floating around the social media ethers lately, and wanted to give it a solid shot before writing the honest review of my experience here on the blog for all of you

Here’s the deal, I’ve been using mouth tape for three months now, so I think I have a pretty solid trial run to share my feedback from. As always, you do you do when it comes to your health and wellness routine. I’ll just be sharing my own experience below. 

This post provides a breakdown of why using mouth tape while you sleep is beneficial for your health, wellness, and beauty. Plus, I’ll share my favorite brands, where to get it, and a few tips and tricks that help me to adjust to using mouth tape more seamlessly. 

Honest Review Of Using Mouth Tape While Sleeping

Honest Review Of Using Mouth Tape While Sleeping

Like I mentioned before, I’ve been using mouth tape for 3 months now. Whenever I write a review for you all here, or on my Instagram, I like to make sure I’ve trialed the product for a while before sharing it. 

This helps me to make a more informed decision on whether or not the product works for me, and also to notice little patterns or tips that I do when using the product. 

Why Is Using Mouth Tape While You Sleep Beneficial?

  • Increased nostril breathing.
  • Balances the nervous system.
  • Lower stress response.
  • Aids the immune system.
  • Improved sleep quality. 
  • Reduces snoring.
  • Tightens jawline.
  • Improves facial structure while aging. 

Some of you might be wondering, why the hell do you feel the need to tape your mouth shut? And I get it, it sounds a little silly. 

But the truth is, there are quite a few health, wellness, and beauty benefits that come along with mouth taping at night. Let’s get into it. 

Increased Nostril Breathing

The science doesn’t lie when it comes to the benefits of nostril breathing. I know we have a lot of yogi readers here, so you’re probably familiar with how freaking good you feel when you breathe mindfully in and out of the nose for an hour in a yoga class. Now imagine you get that same benefit for the entire 7 or 8 hours while you’re sleeping! Incredible. 

Benefits of Using Mouth Tape

Balances The Nervous System

One of the benefits of nostril breathing is that this breathing method helps to balance the nervous system, because the air you’re breathing in is able to reach deeper into the lungs. This area works to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing for the rest and digest response to kick in.

Lowers Stress Response

Because breathing through the nose allows air to travel into the lower lobes of the lungs, and turns on the parasympathetic nervous system- you’ll find that your stress response is lowered in this state. Remember, the function of this system is to promote relaxation and rest.

Aids The Immune System

Another benefit of nostril breathing is that you’re able to boost your immune system in a really simple way. Not only are you drawing in more oxygen, but you’re also filtering out toxins and allergens through the nose, rather than breathing them in through the mouth. 

Improves Sleep Quality

I’ve found that since I started mouth taping, my quality of sleep has felt deeper than ever. Look, I don’t have any kind of device to measure the quality of my sleep, so I’m only going by my own energy, but I can say my sleep has felt significantly more restful since I starting using mouth tape. 

Reduces Snoring

I personally don’t have a snoring problem, but I know that people who do really swear by using mouth tape at night to help reduce their snoring. It makes sense given that you’re breathing through your nose, instead of breathing through your mouth.

Tightens Jawline

From the beauty standpoint, using mouth tape at night helps to tighten the jawline, rather than letting it sag by keeping the mouth open for a full 7 – 9 hours while you sleep. Keeping the mouth closed helps to keep things lifted and tight, rather than loose and open.

Improves Facial Structure While Aging

As we age, things start to droop. That’s just a fact. And, guess what? That’s also okay! It’s bound to happen. But what’s the harm in trying to age gracefully with a simple, inexpensive, and harmless practice like mouth taping? Snatched jawline, here we come.

SYM Tape

5 Tips To Consider Before You Start To Use Mouth Tape

  • No chapstick or oil around the mouth.
  • Do skincare routine early.
  • Put on right before falling asleep. 
  • Try a few different kinds. 
  • Start with a breathing hole.

No Lip Products

I am compulsively putting on chapstick, lip oil, or lip balm of some sort, because I hate the feeling of a dry mouth. You’ll actually want to make sure that your mouth is totally dry before you tape up, otherwise it’s probably not going to stick, and you’re going to end up wasting a lot.

Do Skincare Routine Early

The same way that you want your lips to be dry, you also want the skin around your lips (like the space between your upper lip and nose, as well as your chin) to be dry enough for the tape to stick. I’m not saying skimp on all the delicious serums, or moisturizers, I’m just suggesting you do them early enough for your skin to dry before you put the mouth tape on.

Put On Right Before Falling Asleep

Make sure to put your mouth tape on right before you fall asleep, rather than when you’re winding down. Chances are, you’re going to want to get one last sip of water, or say goodnight to someone you’re sharing a bed with. So, this should really be the very last thing you do before falling asleep.

Try A Few Different Kinds

When I first decided to mouth tape, I ordered a few different kinds to see which shape felt the best for me. I tried a solid strip, X shaped tape, and H shaped tape. I found that using the X and H shaped tape was more effective when put on sideways, rather than vertically so that I got more mouth coverage. 

Ultimately, the solid strip was my favorite, because I liked how it closed my entire mouth. 

Start With A Breathing Hole

I know that the idea of sleeping with tape on your mouth might sound scary or claustrophobic. The best way to ease into it, is to start with a mouth tape that has ventilation, or a breathing hole. The solid strips I use have a breathing hole, which I don’t feel the need to use anymore, but I really liked when I first started out. 

Kayla mirror selfie

Let me know your experience of using mouth tape in the comments below. And, as always, if there’s a brand that you swear by- share it!

We’re all about sharing the love here. 



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