How Colostrum Improved My Gut Health

How Colostrum Improved My Gut Health

As a lifelong vegetarian, and former vegan of over a decade, I sure didn’t think I was going to be sitting here writing about how colostrum improved my gut health. Truly. 

But here we are. I feel like I can’t not write this post, because this one ingredient changed my gut health so dramatically that I need to share it with you. If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while then you’ll know that I don’t do a ton of partnerships anymore. When I do share a product with a code or an affiliate link, it’s because I really use it all the freaking time. 

This post will explain what colostrum is, why I started taking it, and the benefits I’ve noticed since I started using it. 

While the brand and link I share is an affiliate link with a discounted rate for you, and a commission for me, you can feel free to shop around for any colostrum brand that’s calling out to you. This is the only brand I’ve used, and therefore the only one I can recommend based on my experience.

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How Colostrum Improved My Gut Health

What is colostrum?

Colostrum occurs in humans, as well as other mammals. It is the first form of milk that’s released after giving birth, although generated prior to delivery. Colostrum is meant to provide protection to a newborn’s gut.

What is a colostrum supplement made out of?

When I first started posting about taking colostrum in my stories, I had a lot of new moms asking me if I was taking human colostrum. This made me giggle a little, but also I guess it makes sense for them to wonder. 

Many colostrum supplements, including the one I take, come from bovine colostrum. Not human. Similar to human colostrum, cow colostrum is rich in vitamins, minerals, and all sorts of other goodness that will help your gut and overall health.

Why I Started Taking Colostrum

I have pretty good gut health. I have regular digestion, and don’t tend to get a lot of bloating or pain…unless something is wrong. Typically, I’m good with warming spices and herbs, as well as a high quality probiotic. Sometimes I take a digestive enzyme, or Arrae’s bloat capsules. But not daily. 

Without getting too graphic, let’s just say that I had bad sushi, and the aftermath wasn’t pretty. Remember my post about getting nerve damage from acupuncture, where I share that the treatment that caused the injury was meant to help my gut health? Well, I did get some relief from the painful bloating, but it still went on for several weeks after. 

My appetite was off, because my stomach felt a little tender all of the time. Plus, the bloating and gas I’d get at night was brutal. I felt gross, and let’s be real- I didn’t smell great either (TMI, but I don’t care). My poor wife. 

Anyways, one of my best friends had told me about Arma prior to the sushi from hell, and it kind of stuck with me. She’s prone to gut issues, and raved about how much it had helped her get things back on track. Because she told me about it when I didn’t have gut issues, I just sort of filed that information away in the back of my mind. 

I don’t like to take supplements just for the sake of taking more, and being better. I like to take supplements for a specific need or purpose. Little did I know that I would be in need just a few weeks later. 

What Happened When I Took Colostrum

What Happened When I Took Colostrum

I decided to try Arma, even though- truth be told- I was a little nervous about incorporating a cow product again for the first time since childhood. I was worried it was going to taste weird, or freak me out. 

But when it arrived in these super simple single serve packets of a little bit of powder, I simply mixed it with a little shot of water and threw it back. I tried the watermelon flavor first, and not only was it not freaky- it was actually pretty good. It tasted similar to the LMNT electrolyte salts I put in my water. 

The first day I took it, I noticed significantly less bloating and gas at night. The second night, same thing- there was less, but it was still present. And by the third day, it was completely gone. It’s been two weeks now, and it hasn’t come back. I’ve continued to drink it daily.

Benefits of Colostrum

Clearly a huge selling point of colostrum is to work on improving your gut health. That’s why most people will recommend it to you. And, trust me, it does work for that. However, there are other benefits beyond gut health when it comes to this magical little substance. 

Improved Digestion

First and foremost, colostrum will help your digestion. Well, it helped mine! And I’m assuming (and hoping) that it helps yours too. Whether you had a bad bout of sushi like me, or you suffer from regular digestion issues, this is your new go-to best friend for your stomach.

Decreased Bloating

By improving digestion, you’re also able to decrease bloating. Although bloating is normalized, it’s not normal. I don’t mean that you’re not normal if you get bloated, what I mean is that’s your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. And you don’t need to live that way.

Less Stomach Pain

Let’s be real, bloating and digestion issues can be painful. At the very least, they’re uncomfortable to deal with. By soothing the stomach, you’re able to decrease pain and tenderness in the area that often comes with suffering gut health.

Better Stool Quality

We can’t talk about digestion without mentioning poop! Sorry not sorry, but the consticey and quality of your poop matters, okay. Ideally, you’re having brown bananas, rather than a cow patty. Typically, when gut health is thrown off, stools become loose and inconsistent. Colostrum helps in that department. 

Less Inflammation

One of the reasons your stomach is in less pain is that you’ve lowered your inflammation altogether. If you have autoimmune issues, or have any chronic illness- then you’ll know that inflammation is the root of all evil, as it makes everything flare up. Colostrum helps to lower inflammation by soothing and caring for the gut.

Healthier Skin

I’ve already noticed a difference in my skin after taking Armra for just a few weeks. And other people have noticed it too. I actually have friends who have been taking colostrum who suffer from acne, rosacea and eczema- and they’ve all said this was a god send for them. Nothing else has worked in soothing their flare ups like colostrum has.

Healthier Hair 

Where there’s healthier skin and less inflammation, there’s usually healthier hair. Let me be clear in saying colostrum isn’t a hair supplement. However, like most supplements that help your health in some way, your skin, hair, and nails often show signs of improvement, too.

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I just might be shouting this supplement from the rooftops for years to come. So, I’m sorry in advance if this isn’t the last post I make about it. Again, I’m only sharing this because of how much it helped me, and I just want it to help you too. 

Happy healing, my friends!



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