How I’m Preparing For Fertility Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually

My wife and I embarked on the long journey that is fertility back in August. Keep mind, we’ve CHOSEN to go super slow, so as not to overwhelm my system with five million tests, exams, so on and so forth.  We have not actually tried yet, but these are a few things I’m doing that are supporting my fertility process before our first round of IUI. 

How I’m Preparing For Fertility Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually

Herbs and Acupuncture

These are both a go-to for me. I’ve been receiving acupuncture and herbal medicine for about 15 years now, both of which have supported my hormonal journey immensely. Now, the most important thing I can tell you about finding an acupuncturist near you: GET A RECOMMENDATION FIRST! Also, remember that acupuncture is so much more than a physical treatment, as this person is supporting your mental, emotional and spiritual well being, as well. Your first session should be a deep dive on ALL areas of your life, not only your physical needs. If it’s not, I would recommend finding someone else. And if you do that deep dive, but don’t feel fully supported by that person, or just don’t quite click- again, I’d find someone else. This is someone you need to be comfortable and open with. 


Preparing for fertility is not only about physical health, blood tests, and hitting certain numbers- it’s about supporting your mental health as well. Although I’ve been going to therapy for years now, I really shifted the focus of my sessions towards prepping for parenthood. Of course this will look different for all of us, depending on your own background, beliefs, and beyond- but just getting in the door of a solid therapist is really helpful during this time, even if only to be a place to unload some of the overwhelm that may occur with the process. 


Ok duh, this is a given. But still have to share the brand, because these have been HIGHLY recommended to me by all THREE of my doctors- all of whom are in very different fields. I’ve been using Theralogix for a few months now, and let’s just say, my bloodwork has shown the results. 

prenatal vitamins Theralogix

Blood Work

Instead of guessing what you might need more of, and potentially overloading your system with supplement galore- just get a basic panel of bloodwork done. It’s important to remember that you need to make sure you have a doctor that can actually read the results for you in a comprehensive way, rather than white knuckling it yourself through Google searches. This is a great way to see if there are vitamins or minerals that you’re excessive or deficient in, and to adjust your supplement or diet accordingly. 


Incorporating Organ Consumption

Vegans, close your eyes for this one- you’re not gonna like it. You know how I feel about my transition from veganism to consuming organs via supplements if you read my full post on it. If not, then just know that I’m a huge fan. And, similar to the prenatal, the blood work doesn’t lie. One of the reasons this is so relevant here, is that if you are deficient in any vitamins or minerals and decide you want to supplement them, because your diet isn’t cutting it- there’s a chance the right blend of organs might do the trick, instead. As someone who used to take A LOT of supplements daily, I love that I can limit my consumption by getting them all in one with organ capsules (I’ve been using Heart and Soil Bone Marrow and Liver, or Hair Skin and Nails blends). 

Connect to Your Spirit Baby

Have to sneak that bit of woo woo in here, because this has been a big one for me. I love to meditate every night before bed, and when I do I use that time to try to connect to the spirit of our little ones in a really simple way. I started doing this, because I’ve been SO BUSY lately- like so much so my own wife tells me she misses me, and we live and work together. This made me think that maybe my energy isn’t available or open, because it’s in that flurry of forward motion. For me, meditation has always been a chance to pause. So I thought, why not use this pause to talk to them and just simply let them know this simple message: “We always have space and time for you, no matter what.”

Practice Active Surrender

Whew, this is a tough one. It’s a phrase that my prenatal doula said to me that just made SO much sense, so I have to pass it on here. For me, I’ve been able to practice this immensely through my yoga practice, meditation, and psychedelic ceremonies. If none of those things are in your wheelhouse, just do your best to be in a place of acceptance, while remaining an active participant in your life.

Heal Relationship With Body

As women, we tend to face a lot of strife internally within our own skin. One of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself was healing my relationship with my body and food. This didn’t come easily, naturally, nor overnight. This was a process that took YEARS, and is one that can also be heavily supported through acupuncture, herbs, therapy, and proper supplementation to support mental health. As we are about to venture into big body transformations, it’s really important to be at peace with your body- rather than fighting, punishing it, or restricting. This one is a heck of a lot easier said than done for many of us, so make sure to find support along the way. 

Listen to my podcast episode, Two Chicks Makin’ A Baby to learn more about my preparation for motherhood.



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