How To Clear Your Chakras

If you’ve been to a yoga class sometime in the last decade, chances are that you might have heard the word ‘chakra’ mentioned a time or two. That’s because chakras are an integral component to the yoga practice.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which translates to wheel in English. Chakras are thought to be these little spinning wheels of energy that exist throughout our entire body. These wheels are otherwise known as energy centers, as they’re the intersection point between lines of energy that run up and down and all around our entire body.

Although we have chakras all over our body, in yoga we tend to focus on the 7 Chakras that run up the length of our spine.

Different energy centers are associated with different emotions, feelings, thoughts, and even physical ailments. Of course the goal is for the energy flow to be steady throughout our entire chakra system, but that degree of chakra balancing is challenging…to say the least.

When our chakras are imbalanced, it’s because they’re either working in excess- meaning they’re too open. Or, they’re working in deficiency- meaning they’re blocked. When you cleanse your chakras, you’re able to practice a specific form of energy healing in order to feel optimal in your physical, mental, and emotional health.

However, having excessive or deficient chakras are a part of life. The same way we can’t arrive at this magical destination called balance, and just comfortably stay there in any area of our life- we also can’t expect to clear our chakras once, and be healed forever. But riding those ebbs and flows is what life’s all about anyways.

When you’re in a state of excessive or deficient chakras, you might feel pain in your physical body, struggles with your mental health, or volatile emotions. Which is why today I’m sharing 10 effective ways for you to clear your chakras, so that you can try to creep your way back towards balance in your own time.

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How To Clear Your Chakras

How To Clear Your Chakras

One of the best things about things about the list below is that they’re all free. Yep, you can do them for free, on your own, without needing to pay a million dollars just to feel better in your mind, body, and heart. 

How good is that?

Practice Yoga

As a yoga teacher of 10 years, you know my first recommendation is going to be for you to practice yoga. Don’t forget that practicing yoga doesn’t mean you have to get on your mat for an hour every day. It can be little bits here and there, when you can.

Of course you’re welcome to practice your own intuitive moment or chakra-based yoga flows on your own. But, if you’re seeking more guidance, then I highly suggest tuning into my 21 Day Chakra Reset series for only $19.99!

Increase Meditation

Getting into a regular meditation practice is the perfect way to start clearing your chakras. Remember, meditation might mean you close your eyes for 30 seconds and take a few deep breaths. Or, it can be a moving meditation where you tap into a flow state of being.

Specific chakra meditations can help all 7 Chakras, but everyday meditation is particularly helpful for the Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra.

Learn how to meditate with me.

How To Clear Your Chakras

Do Breath Work

Pranayama in yoga is an effective tool for cultivating positive energy throughout your whole system. And I’m not talking about ‘positive vibes’ in the woo-woo kind of way, I’m talking about the true scientific explanation of the feeling of euphoria.

Don’t believe me? Try for yourself, and let me know what you think! 

I have guided breathwork available HERE.

Get Into Journaling

Don’t worry, I’m not a big journaler either. I am, however, a die hard for the 5 Minute Journal. I’ve been doing it every day for almost 7 years. Why? Because it works! 

And it’s quick…which is perfect for all of you out there who don’t want to sit down and write a novel every morning in your morning routine. Dropping into a state of gratitude is the perfect way to clear the Heart Chakra.

Learn more on how to unblock the heart chakra HERE.

Find Artistic Expression

I know that some people think they’re “no creative,” but I don’t buy it. We’re all creative in our own unique ways. And, even if you’re more like my wife who thinks in numbers and spreadsheets, I promise you that you still have creativity in you somewhere. You just have to take time to find it!

Finding artistic expression is the perfect way to cleanse the Sacral Chakra, which is the chakra associated with water. Think of it like a moving meditation, where you’re able to drop into that flow state of being…just like water. 

Learn more about the Sacral Chakra in my 21 Day Chakra Reset.

How To Clear Your Chakras

Seek Balance

Okay…seek balance? Ugh, easier said than done. But don’t worry, Ayurveda has a simple formula for us to follow that helps get us to a place of balance more easily: 

Like attracts like, and opposites balance.

For example, if you’re a hustler and go go go kind of person all day, you might benefit from a more mellow yoga class in the evening, rather than five thousand chaturungas during the day. Rather than feeding the beast of your fast moving energy, try to balance it out with something else, instead.

Check In With Your Relationships

When you’re checking in with the quality of your relationships, it’s also important that you check in with yourself. Use this as an opportunity to clear your Throat Chakra in particular, by making sure you’re speaking honest, kind, loving language to yourself and others.

Having relationships that nurture and support you will also help to clear the Root Chakra, by providing a sense of stability and safety.

Speak Kindly To Yourself

Work on being more mindful about how you speak to yourself. Remember, mindfulness is simply observation without judgment. So, that means you’re just noticing…not judging, or shaming, or even trying to change.

Of course when it comes to speaking, whether they’re words we’re speaking aloud, or words we’re saying within- then we’ll be working on cleansing the Throat Chakra.

How To Clear Your Chakras

Reconnect With The Elements

Get outside. Like right now…even if that means you don’t finish this blog post. Nature can teach us so much. And the truth is, we are nature. Which means the chakras are nature, too.

Each chakra is an expression of a different element as seen in nature, so what better way to clear our chakras than by reconnecting to the elements in a really tactile kind of way? Energy work can feel so vague and airy fairy, so grounding it into reality with something like elements and nature is a great way to experience it in a way our brains can understand a little more clearly.

Surround Yourself With Chakra Colors

Each chakra is associated with a different color. So, when you need to clear a respective chakra, try to surround yourself with that particular color. 

Whether it’s the clothes you wear, or the colors you seek when you go outside- just do your best to fill your life with the colors that you need based on your own specific imbalances. You can learn more about that in my 21 Day Chakra Reset.

Let me know which tip has helped you clear your chakras in the most gentle, but effective way in the comments below!



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