How To Do Splits With Yoga Blocks

Working on your full splits, but still have a way to go before you’re flat on the floor? No problem. Yoga blocks for full splits to the rescue!

Using blocks for full splits is one of the most supported ways to get comfortable with this posture, even if you’re just starting. 

Full Splits with Yoga Blocks Breakdown:

If you’re learning full splits in a yoga class, you’ll likely encounter the modification with yoga blocks under the hands to help bring the ground closer to you. You’ll know if this is the best option for you, because you struggle to reach the ground in half splits or low lunge, OR  you round through the spine in order to reach the ground. 

This is a great way to keep the spine nice and long, to help keep you lifted up and out of the pelvic bowl, rather than dumping into the low belly as you settle into your split. Let’s break it down!

Start in Half Splits (right side)

-Right leg is extended forward, while your left knee is grounded behind you. Untuck your back toes if they’re tucked, as this will make it easier to slide. 

-Place your hands on blocks underneath your shoulders (roughly just in line with your right knee). 

-The higher up the blocks are, the more space you’ll have, and the more accessible this will feel. -So, for more sensation, lower the blocks to a shorter setting, and for less sensation, lift them onto the highest setting. 

Now let’s set up the legs:

-Both hips are square to the front, and lifted up and over the left knee. 

-Flex the right toes back towards you face to intensify the opening the right hamstring (the back of the right leg). 

Start the descend:

-Keep pressing firmly into your blocks to help give you a lift up and out of your belly by activating the upper body. 

-Start to kick through the right heel so much that it begins to slide forward a touch, and pause. 

-Now, equally tug back through the left toes behind you. 

-Continue to push forward through the front heel, as much as you tug back through the back toes for an equal split. 

-Make sure to press deeply into your hands, and hands into the blocks as you lower to help you split with control and support. 

Make sure to try it on both sides, and to hold for the same number of breaths on each leg. Also, if you don’t have yoga blocks, no problem! Check out my blog on yoga prop substitutes to find household items that can support your practice. 

Happy splits, friends!



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