How To Get Through The Two Week Wait

How To Get Through The Two Week Wait

The two week wait is one of those things that shows us how wobbly and weird time can get. One day can feel like it’s stretched into a full month, and a week feels like a lifetime. But then all of the sudden that day comes where you can take a pregnancy test, and it suddenly seems like those two weeks went by in a blur at the same time. 

So strange. 

How To Get Through The Two Week Wait

If you’re not familiar with what the hell the two week wait is, it’s pretty simple: it’s the two week waiting period between ovulation (aka trying to conceive), and the first point in which you can get a blood pregnancy test. 

Some people also classify it as the waiting period from ovulation to getting your period, because if you get your period then you’re not pregnant. The problem with this is that you can still bleed around the time that your period would be, and actually be pregnant. Moral of the story: get a blood pregnancy test to be sure. 

For those of you who have been following along for a while, you’ll know that I’ve been trying to make a baby with my wife via IUI for the last few months now. And for anyone who’s new here, you can always catch up on that process with previous posts like this one

After suffering a miscarriage, I was nervous to start trying again to say the least.

It’s scary to hope that big, and to be let down. It’s scary to lose someone you love without even really knowing them at all. But, it’s not so scary that I’d give up trying at all. 

That’s how I ended up here, back in the two week waiting period that can sometimes feel like hell if you’re not careful. It’s hard not to loop on thoughts of potential pregnancy signs, get lost down a rabbit hole of Googled symptoms, or just not think about it day in and day out. 

However, this last time, my two week wait felt a lot more manageable with a few key tools, all of which I’d like to share with you today. If you’re in the two week waiting period, I feel you. And if you know someone who’s going through it, send them this post to help get them through. 

How To Get Through The Two Week Wait

The most important thing to remember when you’re in the two week wait period is that everything is temporary. So the not knowing limbo that you’re in will be over. And it will be over soon!

Sometimes the reminder of all things being temporary can be comforting in getting through the tough stuff. You’ll have answers soon. Try to enjoy life in the meantime.

Stay Busy

Something that’s helped me get through the two week wait has been staying busy. I’m an introvert, and I like to have my alone time. Don’t get me wrong, I still had plenty of this with my last two week waiting period, but I also stayed a lot busier due to the nature of summer being a more social time. 

The key to staying busy is that you’re doing things you enjoy, with people you enjoy. You don’t want to jam pack your schedule so tight that you’re now stressed about fitting it all in.

Reduce Stress

Reducing stress during the two week wait is a whole lot easier said than done. It’s easy to lose sleep over wondering if the implantation has worked, or to get lost in the infinite nature that is the internet. When you notice your cortisol spiking, try to take a deep breath, and redirect your thoughts or habits towards something more nourishing, instead. 


Speaking of reducing stress, meditation is one of the best options out there to help soothe the mind. I’ve upped my meditation game in the last year since embarking on my fertility journey, and it’s been instrumental in supporting this process. 

There are so many meditations that you can do to visualize fertility, or connect to the spirit of your baby. Or, you can simply sit with yourself and count your breath. Of course my app has a ton of guided meditations to choose from, as do countless other sites.

How To Get Through The Two Week Wait


I have a confession to make. My wife and I got sucked into Vanderpump Rules during the Scandal of it all. Plus, I got Covid which only added to the couch and downtime. Needless to say, something as silly as getting into a trash reality TV show was actually really helpful for me during the two week wait, because I could just turn my brain completely off. 

Look, I’m not saying VPR is for everyone. Because it’s definitely not. But, I am saying that it helps to lean into entertainment of your choice during this time. Let your mind go on a little vaca, instead of looping on the what-ifs. 

There are so many shows, movies, podcasts, or books to choose from. If you want some of my favorite book recs, check out my Amazon library. After all, I’m not just a Bravo bitch- I’m a reader girlie, too. 

Friends and Family

Surround yourself with people who feel nourishing. Are you caught up in a toxic cycle with a friend or co-worker? Press pause on that for the two week wait period. Obviously when it comes to work or even family, sometimes you can’t just walk away from people who are harmful to you. But, do your best to at least create more distance during this time. 

You’ll want to be with people and environments that fill you up, rather than drain you. Especially because draining energy can be similar to stress, and we want to reduce stress wherever we can.

Self Care

I’m all about little pockets of self care throughout your day. Whether that’s an at home facial with the new Theraface device, or if it’s as simple as doing a few feel good stretches in between calls. Taking care of yourself is vital for longevity, fulfillment, and self love. 

I want you to up the ante on self care during this time, okay? Sometimes it’s nice to splurge on a facial or massage, while other times that’s simply not financially accessible- so you just carve out more time in your day to fill your own cup. Whatever you choose, prioritize self care now more than ever. 


I’ll be honest, I go in phases of journaling. Sometimes I’m into it, and other times it’s like, ugh- I don’t have the energy to say it all. For my fellow non-regular journals out there, I can’t recommend the 5 Minute Journal enough. This is one journal that I can get on board with daily, and have been using daily for- no joke- 7 years now. 

The thing with journaling is that it gets things out of your head, which can help you to stop looping on obsessive thoughts. You can use your journal as a way to record what you’re grateful for, as a dumping ground for your thoughts, or as a way to help call in all of the beautiful happy babies that you feel coming your way.

I’m gearing up for another two week wait period myself here pretty soon. And I’m sure I’ll be referring back to this post on the moments where I feel alone, scared, or obsessive in my thoughts. These are the tools and the reminders that can keep you afloat during a challenging time. Trust me on, they’re tried and true. 

Most importantly, know that you’re not alone. 



How To Get Through The Two Week Wait
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