How To Keep The Beauty Industry From Stealing Your Joy

I love beauty products as much as the next person. And you know that I have no problem sharing openly about using Botox or Filler. Not to mention, I’ve had one of my favorite dermatologists come on the blog to share about all things injectables, lasers, and skincare

However, I’ve also noticed that using beauty treatments and products as a form of self care is a really slippery slope with simply not feeling good enough. Can anyone else relate?

Trust me when I say there’s nothing better than giving yourself a loving facial massage while you apply your morning SPF. Sure, this helps to sculpt and de-puff the face, and the SPF will reduce fine lines and sun damage. But it also feels just plain good. 

I like to take these moments of applying my skin care, or giving myself a massage with my Therabody as a time to love on my body. Truly, these self care moments feel like love notes. 

That’s the mindset I want to be in when I’m participating in the world of beauty, but sometimes my mindset slips into feeling like it’s not good enough or beautiful enough if I don’t look a certain way, or use a specific product. 

If you’ve had those feelings of not enoughness when it comes to the beauty industry, then that’s a sign you need to make some changes. Because you are enough. And you are beautiful. And you don’t need the next thing. Trust me.

Today’s post will share a round up of my top 10 tips on how to keep the beauty industry from stealing your joy. Plus, I’ll dive into some telltale signs of how you might feel if the beauty industry is negatively impacting your mental health. 

How To Keep The Beauty Industry From Stealing Your Joy

How To Keep The Beauty Industry From Stealing Your Joy

One thing about me is that I hate being controlled, or told what to do. I’ve always been defiant. Ever since I was a little girl. While this quality can certainly have its downfalls, I do think this characteristic has actually served me when it comes to keeping the beauty industry from stealing my joy. 


Because I don’t want some outside entity to be dictating how I feel about myself. I want that to be my choice. See, all that Taurus stubbornness really comes in handy sometimes, I swear. 

That’s not to say I’m perfect at it. And it’s certainly not to say that I haven’t experienced the negative impact on my mental health as a result of being so immersed in beauty standards and culture. Because I have. 

Luckily, I’ve acquired quite a few tools over the years of being a public figure online. And, the thing is, these tools are honestly helpful to anyone and everyone. Regardless of the size of your platform. 

Adjust The Content You Consume

First things first, please be mindful of the content you’re consuming. This isn’t just on social media, but also with podcasts, books, and tv shows. 

Notice the beauty standards that are presented to you through the content you’re engaging with. And then also notice how you feel when you take a pause from them. 

Let The Mute Button Be Your Best Friend

I swear to g, the mute button is the best feature on Instagram. Look, sometimes you might have an incredible friend who you absolutely adore, but the way they show up online is just cringe. I mean, honestly, I am 100% that person for some people in my life. It’s fine. 

Sometimes unfollowing can feel so extreme, ya know? This is where the mute button is the best. You can free yourself from these people’s content, without causing a fracture in your relationships. 

Follow Diverse Creators

I think one of my favorite takeaways from 2020 was the encouragement to follow diverse creators. I’m not just talking about racially diverse, but I mean diverse in size, shape, ability, opinions, beliefs, and so on. 

I was very happily in my little yoga bubble on Instagram, but when I branched out I felt a relief to see fresh new concepts and ideas. Also, seeing different kinds of bodies helped, too. Give it a try!

How To Keep The Beauty Industry From Stealing Your Joy

Surround Yourself With Body Positive Influences

Here’s the thing, if you’re around people who are obsessed with the way they look- it’s likely to make you obsessed with the way you look. I mean, I remember literally learning that I should hate the way my stomach looked when I was only 12 years old from other girls in my class. 

Yes, diversify who you follow online, but also take a look at the people you surround yourself with in real life, too. And, if you can’t get away from certain people because of your age, or they’re your family, or whatever…then just set boundaries with them around body and image talk.

Work On Body Neutrality

Body positivity is truly a beautiful concept, right? Unfortunately, the thing is that most of us who are working on body positivity are coming from a place of self hatred. And the thing is that it can be a really far leap from hate to love. 

Instead, work on landing in the middle at neutrality. That means rather than lying to yourself and proclaiming your love for your cellulite from the rooftops, work on accepting the fact that you have cellulite at all. Neutrality is all about acceptance and facts, rather than the gooey gooey love stuff.

Practice Intuitive Eating

You know I can’t get through this post without talking about intuitive eating. Because, the truth is, this is so much more than a way of eating…it’s a way of life. 

You can learn more about intuitive eating in this post HERE. Or, check out the founder of Intuitive Eating’s book HERE, written by Evelyn Tribole.

Talk About It With Others

If this post has taught you anything so far, I hope it’s helped you to realize that you’re not alone. I have these feelings of not enoughness just as much as you do, or the thousands of readers all over the world. 

So, you can imagine that people in your circle most likely have these thoughts and feelings too. Talk about it with them. Whether it’s your best friend, your sister, or your mom, just try to get the feelings out of you. Feeling isolated in shame will only magnify the feeling.

Regular Check Ins With Your Mental Health

This process isn’t linear. That means there might be some days, weeks, or even years where you feel totally fine when it comes to your self image. But then all of the sudden, you’ll notice those nagging thoughts creeping in again out of nowhere. That’s normal!

Our mental health is constantly shifting alongside the rest of our life. The best way to take care of your mental health is to do regular check-ins with yourself. That might be in the form of mindful movement, like yoga. Or, perhaps it’s in meditation, journaling, walking, surfing, hiking, painting, dancing…you get the picture.

Shift Your Mindset From Lacking To Worthy

During those mental health dips where you notice the IG models are making you feel like shit, or when the Housewives are making you question getting procedures that you never would’ve considered before…try to catch your mindset in that fragile in between place, before it completely crashes. 

During your regular check ins, you’ll be able to recognize where you’re at mentally. And in this moment of recognition, see if you can shift that feeling of lack to a feeling of worthiness. 

How To Keep The Beauty Industry From Stealing Your Joy

Go To Therapy

Above all else, go to therapy. Like I mentioned before, this isn’t something you need to do alone. And if you don’t have safe people in your life to talk to about your feelings about body image and beauty, then a neutral third party therapist is the best bet. 

Check out my post on all different kinds of therapies to choose from HERE to get inspired before you book your first session. 

How To Know If The Beauty Industry Is Negatively Impacting Your Mental Health

Perhaps you think that the beauty industry has never stolen your joy. And maybe you’re right! In fact, I hope you are. 

However, there’s a chance that after you read the list below, you’ll realize that perhaps the beauty industry has affected your mental health in more ways that you realize. 

Be mindful out there. 

Placing Entire Value In Looks 

You need to know that you’re more than your looks. Beauty fades. Aging happens. I mean, as cheesy as it is to say: it’s on the side that counts…it’s true!

Low Self Worth

There are certainly other reasons your self worth might be low. But if you notice it regularly, particularly after you scroll for long periods of time- it might be because of beauty standards. 

Spending Too Much Money On Treatments

Cosmetic treatments are expensive! I mean, you know I love Clear and Brilliant, but that ish is pricey. Don’t even get me started on the cost of Botox and Fillers

If you’re spending beyond your means in order to look a certain way, that’s a sign that you’ve been sucked into the cult of beauty. You shouldn’t ever go into debt over your looks, okay?

Seeking The High From A New Procedure

Addiction to beauty is real. There can be a real high to getting a new procedure, or seeing your skin change from some magical serum or laser. That high is temporary, which leaves you wanting to seek more and more. 

Those like myself with an addictive personality should do their best to be mindful of this dopamine spike when it comes to beauty treatments and procedures. 

Feeling Like Certain Products Will “Heal” You

A lot of products are way overpriced. They just have great marketing that makes you think spending five million dollars on a mask will actually make you happy. The truth is, healing your skin, takes time. 

And if you’re working on another part of your body, that will take time too. Long-lasting meaningful change won’t happen from one little pill or tincture. 

Considering Treatments You Never Would Have Before

This is especially relevant when it comes to body trends. You could’ve been perfectly fine with your eyebrows last week, but then you moved to a new state where micro blading is all but necessary. And now all of the sudden, you’re considering dropping $500 on tattooing your face, because you feel like you won’t fit in otherwise. 

kayla banana trees

Panic If You Can’t Get Into An Appointment

Remember during Covid when everyone freaked out, because they couldn’t go to all of their appointments? Omg, what if people can see my grays?! Omg, what if I get a new line on my face without Botox?! Omg, I can’t do my eyebrows by myself!

The drama. 

You’ll be okay without your treatments, don’t worry. And if you’re getting to a place where you feel like you won’t be, that’s a red flag. 

Embarrassed to Show Yourself Without Makeup 

I know the no makeup look isn’t for everyone. And I’m not saying you need to pull a Pam Anderson and show up to a red carpet with a clean face. I’m just talking about the girl who’s scared to wake up in the bed of the new guy she’s sleeping with, without rushing to the bathroom to put on foundation first. 

You don’t have to run around town without makeup on all the time…or ever. But it’s more about a feeling of confidence and worth that you could go either way. Makeup doesn’t define you.


Naturally, if many of these feelings are left untreated, they can lead to depression. As mentioned before, isolating yourself can only make these feelings of shame get bigger and louder, which can eventually turn into depression. 


Anxiety is another common symptom of the beauty industry negatively impacting your mental health in that you’re so in your head about how you look all of the time, that the noise in your head becomes louder than the reality you’re living in.

Can we all just ban together and make a pact not to let the beauty industry steal our joy anymore? That’s really my goal in writing this post. We’re all in this together. 

Share your own tips in the comments below to help other readers!



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