How To Stay Grounded

Shew, we’re tackling a big topic today: staying grounded. Why is it so big, might you ask? Well, because it’s really freaking easy to get ungrounded in today’s day and age. 

We’re in the age of information, with everything we could ever want to know, anyone we could want to connect with, all the flashing lights, and pretty pictures right here at our fingertips. In fact, you might be reading this on the very device that I’m referring to. 

While social media, the iPhone, and podcasts can do a whole lot of good in the world by teaching us, connecting us, and opening our minds to new perspectives- these tools can also be incredibly distracting, overwhelming, and ungrounding to interact with on a daily basis. 

This post will cover the wellness practice of how to stay grounded, what it means to stay grounded, and 10 ways to get more grounded today. If you’re brand new to the wellness world, make sure to check out my post on what the heck wellness even is so that you can know how to start.

how to stay grounded

How To Stay Grounded

Getting grounded is really a practice that incorporates your entire being: your body, your mind, and your heart. That means that getting grounded undoubtedly has physical, mental, and emotional benefits to it. 

Typically, when we’re ungrounded we will feel anxious, extreme stress, panic, looping or intrusive thoughts. Many feelings of ungroundedness are connected to the suffering of our mental health. This means we’re out of balance, and need to ground down.

The most important component to consider when you’re working on getting more grounded, is to have a sense of self-awareness so that you know when you’re starting to get ungrounded. Rather than waiting for that crash and burn of a full blown anxiety attack, try to pinpoint the more subtle shifts, so that you can catch yourself before you fall. 

What Does It Mean To Stay Grounded

As with everything in life, this is a practice. And this practice ebbs and flows. Similar to the idea of getting balanced, it’s not a destination that we land and just stay. It’s not like we find this perfect point, and then proclaim: “I’m balanced!” Or, “I’m grounded!”

Getting grounded is more of a process than a linear path. And one that requires constant honest check-ins in order to continually practice with ease. 

While being grounded will certainly feel different to all of us- and I highly encourage you to feel into the sensations in your body to better understand how you physically feel when you’re grounded- being grounded, by nature, remains the same. 

To be grounded is connected to the Earth element, and the Root Chakra (in yogic philosophy). The Earth element, and the Root Chakra both represent our foundation from which all else is built.  We’ve all heard of the fairytales and fables warning us against building a house on sand, right? The same is to be said for our inner world. We need a strong foundation to build upon. 

The same way the Earth provides us a stable, strong, nurturing place from which we can live- we want to create that same strong foundation within. This is what it means to be grounded from the inside out. 

Typically, when we’re grounded we feel very connected to our bodies. Our thoughts are steady without racing or looping, and our emotions are neutral or peaceful. Grounding work is work that helps to regulate the nervous system, by working with physical, mental and emotional health

10 Ways To Stay Grounded

Let me guess, you’re sold on getting grounded, now you’re just wondering how the heck you’ll be creating space to do so. Don’t worry, I got you. 

Below are 10 grounding techniques that you can implement to help quickly realign your body, mind, and heart. 

Get Outside

Number one on the list is always get outside, nature is one of the most grounding forces ever. Get your feet on the natural ground, feel the connection to the earth, close your eyes, and take deep breaths. Voila, you’re in the present moment. And, in turn, you’re getting grounded.

How To Stay Grounded

Practicing Gratitude

Gratitude is one of my favorite practices to feel grounded, because it also brings me into the present moment. It helps me to look at my life, and the world around me, with a new perspective that’s open and curious above all else. 

Taking a Break

Taking a break can be from whatever the heck you think is ungrounding you. This doesn’t mean quit your job, and wing it- because that might just stress you out even more. It just means creating stronger boundaries that allow for more you-time in your week or your day. Even if it’s just little pockets of 5 minutes here or there, make sure you have breaks to fill up your cup.

Prioritizing Yourself

Self care can look so many ways other than elaborate insta-worthy baths with crystals and rose petals. Prioritizing yourself can mean getting more movement into your day, or making time to meditate. You know the things that light you up, do more of that.

How To Stay Grounded

Staying Active

Trying to be in your body is a grounding routine in and of itself. It’s easy to be a floating head, walking around with a million thoughts, and totally forget how your body feels at all. Staying active is a great way to get out of your head, and into your body in a loving way. If you feel like you don’t have time to be active, then make sure to check out my No Time For Yoga series

Having Fun

Having fun is an underrated wellness practice across the board. Pay attention to how freaking good laughter feels. Or the way that stress and anxiety diminish when you’re just having some good ‘ole fashioned fun in your life. 

In Person Connections

Connecting with loved ones can feel as comforting as wrapping up in your favorite blanket, so long as you’re choosing to surround yourself with people who elevate you, rather than drain you. Look, I’m not saying pack out your schedule so much with social events that you don’t have time to be in your own energy and your own body. I’m just saying work on prioritizing in-person connections where you can.

ideas for less screen time

Less Screen Time

Having less screen time, especially social media, feels good. Period. End of sentence. Luckily there are all sorts of ways we can track our screen time now, and even options for certain apps to shut down once you’ve reached your limit. I’m challenging you to figure out what your own time boundaries are around screen time, and then honoring those with your choices. 


Meditation is one of the most grounding practices out there, I swear. The good news is, there’s no right or wrong way to meditate. And meditation can be still, or moving. Check out my post on the best moving meditations to try if you have trouble sitting still. Or, check out the meditations on my app for a guided, still experience.


The best way to stay on track to being grounded is to practice mindfulness day in, and day out. This means observing your body, mind, and heart without judgment- just noticing. Start by noticing how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally right when you wake up in the morning, as well as before you go to sleep at night. Then, work on observing those sensations throughout the day. 

This will help you to better understand you, and when you need to readjust towards more grounding practices before you hit that crash and burn point.

You’re all ready to get grounded, my friends. 

I can’t wait to hear how it goes. 



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