How You Can Work And Travel

I can’t tell you how many times people have looked at my life, and said something along the lines of: “you’re so lucky.”

And yes, while I absolutely have privilege which has helped to get me where I am, I also worked really hard for it. Plus, I had to get pretty dang creative to make it work. I’ve made a lot of sacrifices, and have had to remain really flexible in order to travel in the way that I do, while still making a living. 

While I’ve been an entrepreneur just about my entire adult life, my wife is the exact opposite. She started climbing the corporate ladder while she was still in college, and is not an exec at a tech company. And yet, even once we merged lives, we’ve still managed to maintain a traveling lifestyle. 

I will say that we definitely have an advantage in that we don’t have kids (yet), which certainly allows for more spontaneity and mobility. We do, however, travel worldwide with our dog while running multiple businesses- so we’re not exactly without responsibilities altogether. 

The point is that you can work and travel, too. And you don’t just have to be an entrepreneur to do so, although it certainly does help when you’re your own boss. 

Today’s post will share a round up of my top tips on how you can travel and work in a way that doesn’t drain you, but rather fills you up, instead!

How You Can Work And Travel

How You Can Travel And Work

Let me be clear in saying of course I know that there are plenty of jobs out there that won’t allow you the flexibility to work and travel. This post is geared more towards entrepreneurs, or towards people who are working remotely (or even just partially remotely) for their job. 

Since Covid, there are plenty of remote working positions available. So, if you’re stuck in a job where you have barely any flexibility, and you’ve also got the travel bug- remember that you can always search for something new. Or, start your own thing!

Learn how to leverage your social media for your business in this post HERE, as a way to travel as you work. 

Time Management

The first thing you need to be incredibly cognisant of is your time management ability. Check out my time management tips for entrepreneurs HERE

The reason this is so important is that travel requires a level of flexibility, which means you have to be prepared for all the little things that might come up. If you’re constantly playing catch up with your job, then you won’t have the space to roll with the punches of traveling, and you’ll find yourself frustrated and burnt out. 

How You Can Work And Travel


One of my favorite time management techniques is batching, which you can learn more about in this post HERE. Essentially, I like to use different days or weeks to do specific tasks, rather than constantly task switching throughout the day. 

I find this helps maintain a steadier focus, and I’m also able to channel more creativity than I can when I only have a short window of time to produce something. 

I personally need to have time and space to create quality content, or quality anything– which means I can’t just be shoving tasks into little open spaces in between plane and train rides, ya know?

Cycle Syncing

Cycle syncing has truly changed my life in so many ways, and it’s something I share more in depth about HERE in this post. You can also learn about it from the source in the book In The Flo, which is where I learned about the cycle syncing method that I use. 

I like to pair cycle syncing with batching as the ultimate time management tool, because then I’m able to tap into the biological strengths that naturally occur in my mind and body each month. 

This means that the first half of my cycle is usually when I’m in front of the camera, when I’m creating a ton of content, or filming classes. And the second half of my cycle is when I’m organizing it, editing it, or doing things behind the scenes (like writing), rather than front facing. 

Maintain Routine

Let’s look at this from a yoga and Ayurveda perspective, shall we? Remember that when you’re traveling, the Air element increases. There’s a lot of movement going on, as you’re literally uprooting yourself and trying to get replanted somewhere new. This means the Earth element is lacking, as the Air element increases. 

In order to gain more Earth element, then you’ll want to focus on opening the Root Chakra, which you can learn about HERE

One of the earthiest qualities to practice is simple: routine. This way you can have structure within your day, even if your environment is changing. Check out my morning routine recommendations HERE

How You Can Work And Travel


Another quality of the Earth is consistency. Think about it, this is why earthquakes can feel so unnerving, even if they’re not destructive at all. We rely on the Earth to be stable, unwavering, and solid, right? So when it shudders and trembles and shakes, it feels really ungrounding and scary- even if it’s not actually dangerous. 

It’s important to maintain consistency as an embodiment practice when it comes to grounding down within the movement of travel. This means consistency with the way you eat, the way you move your body, and your work. 


Discipline goes hand-in-hand with consistency when it comes to cultivating more Earth energy. Whether you’re looking at it from the woo-woo lens I’m speaking through, or you’re looking at it through a more scientific lens of psychology- the same is true in that consistency and discipline builds trust. 

Again, when there’s so much moving and changing around you with a traveling lifestyle, it’s important to maintain a sense of stability and calmness within. LIke you have this unwavering pillar inside of you that you can always return to. 

This is your inner trust, which is reflected by your ability to count on yourself. Practicing consistency and discipline will help this pillar to grow stronger, and the stronger this pillar is, the more successful your business will be.  

Calendar Blocking

Let’s talk about more tangible tips like calendar blocking, because this is huge for time management and organization. It’s vital that you’re able to see the big picture when you’re organizing and booking out your calendar, rather than only what’s right in front of you. 

If you don’t have that skill yet, then I strongly suggest working with someone who does, or hiring out someone to help you in this area. This is imperative for your managing your time, and to avoid burn out. 

Strong Boundaries

Sometimes boundaries can get really wishy washy when you’re traveling a lot, because the change around you starts to influence your choices. While it’s important to maintain a sense of flexibility when you’re traveling, it’s just as important to implement strong boundaries in order to stay on track. 

This might look like not saying yes to every boosey night out during the week, even though your new travel friends are doing it. Or, it might look like having boundaries around screen time and social media use, even if you have a super long flight. 

Practice mindfulness in your own life to notice where you’re boundaries are loosey goosey, so that you can know specifically where you can firm things up. This will help to ground you, which reduces burnout and anxiety.

How You Can Work And Travel

Social Media Breaks

If you follow me online, then you know that I’m a big fan of taking social media breaks. I know it’s funny for an influencer to tell you to stop using social media, but honestly, mental health is so much more important than likes and views- I don’t even care if it’s strange. 

I know there’s a lot of people who will say that they need social media to work, so they can’t take breaks, but guess what? So do I! And after two years of taking weekends fully offline, I’m happy to report that it’s just fine to work 5 days a week like everyone else. 

Yes, it’s important to post consistently in order to grow your account, but there are plenty of post scheduling platforms out there that can do it for you. Or, you can always hire someone to help you in this area. 

While social media can be incredibly powerful in growing and maintaining your business, it can also be a distraction and time suck if not done with intention and self awareness. This is why I suggest for everyone to take 1 – 2 days off every single week, so that you have time to reset, to be present with your life, and to create more space for your creativity to flow through.

I’m so excited for you to travel and work! Don’t forget you can always book a mentorship session with me if you want me to help you through the process even more so. 



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