Immunity Tonic

Immunity Tonic

Alright, so don’t hate me for having no clue what the measurements are for this one.

But I tend to make a large batch & then take this potent tonic in 1 or 2 shots daily (4 Oz/each).

The thing I love most about this mixture is that it’s SO cheap & accessible, with no crazy ingredients needed.

Plus, these simple ingredients are incredibly effective in boosting the immune system & supporting over all feelings of goodness in the body.

Pro tip- I like to add one of my 4 Oz shots to hot water in the evening as a super strong tea to settle in my belly before bed.

It’s like a warm, yummy hug from the inside out.

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Organic ginger root
Organic turmeric root
Organic lemon
Black pepper
Filtered water


Wash ginger & turmeric as needed.

Run ginger, turmeric & lemon through the juicer (save the ginger & turmeric pulp for compost crackers!) with filtered water.

If you don’t unsure about quantities:
– Ginger makes it spicy & great for digestion.
– Turmeric is spicy, but more mild than ginger & great for inflammation.
– Lemon is zesty & citrusy, great for alkalizing the body & great to reduce spice if you’re sensitive.
– Black pepper activates turmeric so that it can actually help with inflammation. You don’t need a ton!
The more water you use, the more diluted it will be. I like it strong, so I use minimal water.
Taste test as you go. Remember you can always add more, so start with small quantities & build; rather than the other way around.
Once you have it to your liking, then add fresh grated black pepper & shake.

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