Jackfruit Brekkie Burrito


Jackfruit Mixture:
Jackfruit (canned or fresh)
Bell peppers (I used every color)
White onion
Fresh garlic 
Fresh jalapeño
Fresh serrano pepper
Fresh coriander
Parsley flakes
Ground paprika
Ground red chili 
Sea salt
Black pepper 

Sweet potato
Black beans (canned or dried)

Salsa (for my recipe click here)
Micro greens (I used alfalfa sprouts)

Egg Substitute:
Chickpea flour
Nutritional yeast
Ground paprika 
Sea salt 

*can sub rice for quinoa 
Brown rice (or any kind)
Red bell pepper
White onion 
Fresh garlic 
Ground paprika

Tortilla of your choice
Hummus (my recipe is here)


1. If you don’t already have cooked sweet potatoes on hand, then cube up 1 sweet potato and roast with sea salt & paprika in oven (usually about 20-30 mins). 

2. If you’re using dried beans, soak & boil now as those can take 30 mins too. If you have canned, sit tight- or, add them to stove on low heat. 

3. If you don’t already have rice made, then cook rice (can sun with quinoa or another grain). 

4. While rice is cooking, dice 5 cloves of garlic and 1 while white onion. Add 1-2 of those garlic cloves & 1/4 of the onion to a frying pan with a dash of olive oil (this is for the rice, save the rest for the jackfruit). In the pan for rice, add chopped fresh coriander, diced jalapeño (1-2 depending on your spice preference) and ground paprika. Once aroma is robust & onions are soft, add diced tomato (1-2), red bell pepper (1), and 2 handfuls of spinach.

5. When rice is done, add to mixture on stove and mix until blended and spice is even. Add more sea salt or paprika as needed. 

6. In a new pan, add remaining garlic (3-4 cloves) and onion (3/4) with dash of olive oil. Dice 1-2 jalapeño & 1-2 serrano peppers (depends on your spice preference), and add to pan. Include spice mixture (ground paprika, ground red chili, sea salt & black pepper). Fry spice mixture until aroma is strong & onion are soft.

7. While spice are cooking, dice 2-3 tomatoes & all your bell peppers (I used 4, one of every color). When spices are strong, add tomatoes and bell peppers and stir on med/low heat.

8. While everything is cooking, chop jackfruit into bite size chunks (I used two cans so we could have a lot of left overs). Add jackfruit to pepper mixture along with 3/4 C water. Add more ground chili, paprika, sea salt & black pepper. Stir to even out spices. 

9. Jackfruit soaks up a lot of flavor, which is why having a bit of a liquid spice mixture at the bottom of the pan is ideal. Cool until liquid is red and saturated with spices. 

10. Once it’s red and flavorful, add a 2 handfuls of fresh spinach, chopped coriander (I used heaps, but didn’t measure), and parsley flakes.

11. Stir, and leave on low heat. Keep taste testing to see if you need to continually spice (I added a lot of paprika and chili). Let it sit on the lowest heat possible and cover with lid for about 45 minutes. 

12. Time to make the egg substitute. Add 1 C of chickpea flour to large mixing bowl with 1/4 C nutritional yeast, parsley flakes, paprika & sea salt. Include 1 C of filtered water and stir until runny and smooth. 

13. Pour liquid mixture onto frying pan (I don’t use olive oil, but you can) and let it cook completely on the underside. It will start to bubble on top & edges will get golden brown. Flip & cook other side accordingly. Altogether will take 10-15 mins. 

14. Put egg mixture onto plate & break up into chunks (more like a scramble than an omelette). You can also make chunks when it’s still cooking if that’s easier. 

15. Like I said in the beginning, I like to cook the jackfruit the night before so that the flavor is super strong. Imagine that’s already happened, rice is ready, “eggs” are ready, beans are good to go & potatoes have roasted. Now we’re just about ready to plate!

16. Heat up tortilla on stove (I put it directly on the grill to char a bit). 

17. Everything should be served hot, so re-heat on stove as needed.

18. Put tortilla on plate & coat with hummus (I used a rubber spatula to make sure it was a thin, even layer). Add rice first to stick to hummus, then jackfruit mixture, egg chunks, beans & sweet potato.

19. Top off with avocado chunks, salsa & micro-greens (I used alfalfa sprouts). 

20. Roll up (if you can!), or eat like a taco.


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