Lentil Salad

As promised, more recipes coming in hot for different phases of your cycle. 

This one is meant for the follicular phase (right after your period), when your body is in a Spring-like state (according to Chinese medicine). 

Unlike menstruation (Winter), which requires hearty, warm & cooked meals- this part of the cycle requires a little lighter, more fresh approach to meals. 

I ate this lentil concoction cold (or room temp) the next day after cooking. However, it’s also really tasty served hot as well. 

Do what feels best for you!


Additional Salad Fixings:

Fresh spinach 
Micro greens (I used alfalfa)
Extra pumpkin seeds 

Additional Spices:

Sea salt
Black pepper
Red chili 

Lentil Mixture:

Green lentils (dried, not canned if possible)
2 fresh tomatoes
Fresh garlic 
White onion
Pumpkin seeds 
Nutritional yeast


Optional hummus (click here for my recipe)
Optional salsa (click here for my recipe)
Apple cider vinegar
Olive oil
Cayenne pepper 
Sea salt
Black pepper


1. Rinse & soak lentils until clean & beginning to soften (maybe an hour). 
2. If you don’t already have cooked broccoli on hand, then chop & steam broccoli. 
3. Add lentils to boiling water once softened & cook all the way through. 
4. In frying pan, add minced garlic and white onion to spices listed above. Cool until strong aroma & onions are soft. 
5. Blend 2-3 tomatoes until smooth paste until smooth. Add tomatoes to spice mixture, and spice with additional flavoring as needed. 
6. Once lentils have cooked, stir them into spice and tomato mixture. Again, option to keep adding spices to keep the flavor strong (I like strong spices, but it’s not required). Use a lot of parsley. 
7. Mix everything until cooked all the way through & the flavor is to your liking. Then add broccoli. Broccoli should be already  steamed. Only adding it here to get the flavoring even. 
8. Pour lentil mixture into large mixing bowl once done on the stove, and add pumpkin seeds to your liking. Sprinkle in more parsley & add nutritional yeast here. 
9. Let the mixture cool at room temp, or you can put in the refrigerator to speed up the process. 
10. Once cooled, begin to plate (or bowl).
11. The base of the salad is fresh spinach. Top that with cool lentil mixture, and finally top with micro greens. 
12. You can use any dressing or topping of your choice. I used hummus, salsa & a light vinaigrette.
13. For vinaigrette- mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 1 1/2 – 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Mix in cayenne pepper (or black pepper, if cayenne is too spicy for you). Use a bit of sea salt to your liking. If you want more zest, squeeze half a lemon in. If it’s too tangy for you, add more olive oil. Stir & pour over salad. 


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