Liquid Gold

As usual, with my juice blends, I don’t measure because I like to make a large batch and drink through the day or week.
I’ll break down what each ingredient offers, so you can choose how much you’d like to use!
This way, you can get more comfortable creating according to YOUR tastes and needs, rather than my own. Regardless of your personal measurements, this mixture is a classic & absolute favorite.
I think it’s also important to mention that even my girlfriend likes this one, which is a big deal because she’s not a huge juice lover (especially when it tastes “too healthy” as she says).
I think this fruit & veggie blend is a great middle ground for die hard juicers (like me) & those who are still a little skeptical (like her).
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What is Liquid Gold?

Liquid Gold is a juice that’s made up of a beautiful blend of fruits and vegetables. Regardless of your diet, or the way you like to eat, I think we can all agree that it’s beneficial to sneak more fruits and vegetables into our meals when we can. 

Keep in mind, Liquid Gold is not a meal substitute, and eating only fruits and vegetables does not create a well-rounded diet either. Hello, our brains want the fatty acid goodness from nuts and seeds too. 

Fruits and veggies can be great for regulating blood sugar, though. Of course, some fruits can also spike blood sugar (especially dried fruit), so we’ll stick to the fresh stuff for this recipe.

Liquid Gold Ingredients

Organic carrots
Organic cuties (or orange, or tangerine)
Organic lemon
Organic ginger root
Organic turmeric root
Black pepper

Optional (especially if you like sweeter taste):

Organic pineapple

How to Make Liquid Gold

Wash and chop produce as needed.
I like to juice fruits & veggies separately so I can use the pulp for different things, but this is a total personal preference.
If you’re unsure about quantities:
– Carrots are the only veggie in this juice, but they still provide a naturally sweet juice flavor. If you’re still getting used to vegetable juice, then perhaps use less carrots than fruit.
– Cuties offer a sweet & citrusy taste that compliment carrots. If you love carrot juice on its own, then 1-2 cuties will suffice.
– Lemon alkalizes the body & adds extra zest to an already sweet blend. If you like sour flavor, then use more lemon.
– Ginger is great for digestion & quite spicy. A small amount goes a long way, so start small, as you can always add more!
– Turmeric is great for inflammation & natural spicy, though much more mild than ginger. This can be an acquired taste if you’re new to the spice game, so start small & see how you like it first.
Pineapple is for those who need more sweetness than just carrot or cuties. If you know you need sweetness, then add to your heart’s desire.
– Black pepper is used to activate turmeric. You don’t need a lot & can add after you juice.
The more water you add, the more diluted it will be. Start with a little & taste test as you go.
Taste test as you go. Remember you can always add more, so start with small quantities & build; rather than the other way around.
Once you have it to your liking, then add fresh grated black pepper & shake.

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