Liver Tonic

After years of being over-prescribed antibiotics, steroids, and antihistamines, it’s safe to say that my liver is always in need of a little extra love. Not to mention the years of binge drinking and addiction in my youth. These are just a few reasons why the Liver Tonic was born.

Ok, similar to other tonics- I don’t measure here, because I make a big batch and take a few shots (4 oz shots) throughout the day. I’m not gonna lie, this mixture doesn’t exactly taste good.

Unless you’re super into bitter greens, then this will be your jam. But if you’re not used to bitter tastes (this is one flavor usually missing in meals), this will take some getting used to.

However, our livers LOVE bitter greens- particularly dandelion greens. So, if you’re like me & continually looking for plants to support liver function- then this one is for YOU!

I take it in one shot, rather than sipping it luxuriously like a regular juice.

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What Is Liver Tonic?

The simplest way to describe it would be this: Liver Tonic is a potent blend of juiced plants. I call it potent, because of its equally strong flavor and healing properties, alike.

Liver Tonic is great for both the liver and kidneys. And that bitter flavor from our beloved dandelion greens can always be overshadowed with extra lemon juice. Remember, I didn’t really measure. So, if you can’t handle the taste the first time, add a half or whole lemon to your mixture, and you’ll be golden.

Liver Tonic Ingredients

Organic dandelion greens
Organic lime
Organic lemon
Filtered water

How to Make Liver Tonic

Wash dandelion greens as needed. Cut and peel lemons & limes appropriately.
Run dandelion greens, lemons & limes through juicer with filtered water.

If you’re unsure about quantities:
– Dandelion greens are bitter as heck, but the best ingredient in this mixture for supporting the liver.
– Lime is great for alkalizing the body & reducing bitter taste of dandelion greens.
– Lemon is great for alkalizing the body & reducing bitter taste of dandelion greens.
– The more water you add, the more diluted it will be. Start with a little & taste test as you go.
– Taste test as you go. Remember you can always add more, so start with small quantities & build; rather than the other way around.

Once it’s to your liking, shake it up & ENJOY!



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