Vegan And Gluten Free Mac And Cheese

There’s something warm and fuzzy about making a bowl and mac and cheese, isn’t there? Truly, one of the most comforting foods on the planet. 

Although, it doesn’t always make me feel *the best* after I smash a big bowl of it. Can anyone relate?

The thing about comfort food is that we want it to make us feel good…which means we also feel good even after we eat it. And that’s exactly how this mac and cheese recipe was born. 

You know that I talk about Intuitive Eating a lot around here, which means that you’re following your body’s natural cues and cravings, rather than eating with rules and restrictions. 

In that case, your body might crave the real deal mac and cheese….great! There’s nothing wrong with that, and I hope you enjoy that guilt free. 

However, there’s plenty of us out there who are allergic to gluten (hi, it’s me), and dairy (yep, also me). Which means that even if we have a craving, we can’t really honor it, because it’s actually poisoning our bodies. 

And the real point of intuitive eating is to love and celebrate your body through food, rather than to punish it. So, I don’t know about you, but I’d say that inflicting food poisoning on myself doesn’t sound super loving, does it?

Why should all of us allergy girlies miss out on all the comfort foods from our childhood anyways? 

That being said, I know there’s also a heck of a lot of people who might not have allergies, but simply don’t like the taste of dairy. Or notice that dairy makes them break out, or disrupts their digestion, or just doesn’t make them feel good. Same with gluten. 

Making a vegan and gluten free mac and cheese recipe isn’t about making a comfort food “healthy” or “better,” it’s about making food that tastes as good as it makes us feel. 

I personally don’t feel like we should have to compromise one for the other, even if that’s how it’s often positioned to us. 

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Vegan And Gluten Free Mac And Cheese recipe

Vegan And Gluten Free Mac And Cheese

Say hello to your new favorite vegan gluten free mac and cheese. Not only is it super easy and fast to make, but it’s also totally plant based, nut free, and dairy free mac and cheese that just might become one of your new favorite comfort foods. 

Vegan mac and cheese gets a bad rap, I swear. And I get it, a lot of vegan cheeses are waxy, artificial, or just plain gross. 

That’s why I like to make my own!

My vegan cheese sauce uses whole, plant based ingredients that are pretty simple to find. You won’t need any of those weird gaums to bind it together, because it’s meant to be runny and smooth. 

This mac and cheese is less of the baked, golden brown kind. And more of the running, ooey gooey kind. Ugh, my mouth is already watering. 

Don’t forget that this vegan cheese sauce doesn’t need to be used exclusively for mac and cheese….it’s good as a dip or dressing on just about anything

I personally love it with veggies like a dip, or adding a dollop onto my burrito before scarfing it down. 

Try adding it on my Root To Rise Baked Salad for a little extra yumminess. 

When you’re making the cheese sauce recipe, remember that you can swap almond milk for another plant based milk like coconut milk or oat milk

Using a frothy, fatty milk like oat milk or coconut milk will definitely give your cheese a creamier texture and taste. However, just remember that coconut milk in particular does have a distinct coconut flavor to it that might not be your vibe when it comes to cheese sauce. 

Yes, coconut milk is amazing in curries and soups, but sometimes people don’t like it in other sauces, because the coconut is too overpowering. That’s where oat milk, or even macadamia nut milk can come into play, instead!

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Vegan and Gluten Free Mac and cheese Ingredients

You know that measuring while I cook is the bane of my existence. And yes, I know this is not exactly what you want to read before you try my recipe. 

What can I say, I’m more of a yoga and wellness blogger than a food blogger. I’m just a chick who loves food, and happens to share that love on the internet. 

That being said, these measurements I used are estimated. I used this amount to feed 3 people, but also had a ton of leftovers. So, I’d guess that this quantity would be good for 5 – 6 people, instead. 

Gluten Free Pasta:

I love the Banza pasta. The traditional macaroni shape gives you the real mac and cheese feel. But the other shapes are just as tasty. 

Fun fact about Banza: it’s made out of chickpea flour! That means this pasta is higher in protein than a standard wheat pasta, which you know I love. 

You can also try other high protein pastas like black rice pasta, or lentil pasta. Both of these are also great gluten free, high protein options that I love, as well.

Vegan Cheese Sauce Recipe:

2 smallish golden, white potatoes
1 orange sweet potato
3 regular-sized carrots
2 regular-sized lemons
Nutritional yeast
Unsweetened almond milk

Onion powder

Garlic powder



vegan cheese sauce recipe

Instructions for vegan and gluten free mac and cheese

Step 1

Boil potatoes and carrots until they’re soft.

Step 2

While they’re still hot, add the white potatoes, the orange sweet potato and carrots to the blender.
*I used 1/2 of the sweet potato, because mine was huge. The more you add, the sweeter it’ll be. I’d suggest starting with just a bit, and then adding as you like it once you blend.

Step 3

Add 1 Cup of nutritional yeast
*I like the strong flavor of the nutritional yeast, so I actually used closer to 2 cups. Most people liken it to the taste of parmesan cheese in the sense it’s quite sharp- so add accordingly.

Step 4

Add 1 teaspoon turmeric, 1 teaspoon of garlic powder, 1 teaspoon of onion powder, and about 1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk. Add salt and and pepper to your liking.
*Turmeric has a really strong flavor. If you know you prefer less intensity and/or spice, then use less turmeric. The almond milk will neutralize the kick of the turmeric, so if you want that more mild, milky taste- add more.

Step 5

Blend until creamy.
*I went salt-free on this one, but if you want a little more flavor- add salt and pepper to your liking.

Step 6

Cook Banza pasta to whichever degree you prefer. You can always add vegan butter to the paste before you add the cheese sauce if you want a richer flavor.

Step 7

Add the vegan cheese sauce to your pasta, and mix it all together until all pasta is coated. It’s easier to do when the vegan cheese is still hot. To heat it up quickly, you can add hot water, or heat it up on the stove.

Step 8

Just one more thing- I like to have greens with every meal, so we actually served it with broccoli and it was delish! 

Step 9

Plate the mac and cheese in small bowls, mixing in the broccoli, or leaving it off to the side…up to you!


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