Mac No Cheese

Not the most flattering photo of this beautiful concoction. But hey, I was just trying to get a quick snap  while also watching Michael’s little niece- so it’s the best I could do.
We had a 5-year-old major meat and dairy eater stay the night at our house last weekend, so I wanted to make sure she was loaded up with yummy, nutritious food that even a kid could love. 
Just because I made it for a child, doesn’t mean adults won’t love it too!
The “cheese” sauce is also pretty tasty for dipping veggies, or anything your heart might desire. 


I used these measurements for 3 people, and had a TON of leftovers- making it good for about 5 – 6 people, instead. 

I chose a black rice, gluten free pasta for more protein.
However, the kind of pasta is totally up to you!

Cheese Sauce:
2 smallish golden, white potatoes
1 sweet potato 
3 regular-sized carrots
2 regular-sized lemons
Nutritional yeast
Unsweetened almond milk


1. Boil potatoes and carrots until soft.
2. While they’re still hot, add white potatoes, sweet potato and carrots to blender.
*I used 1/2 of the sweet potato, because mine was huge. The more you add, the sweeter it’ll be. I’d suggest starting with just a bit, and then adding as you like it once you blend.
3. Add 1 Cup of nutritional yeast.
*I like the strong flavor of the nutritional yeast, so I actually used closer to 2 cups. Most people liken it to the taste of parmesan cheese in the sense it’s quite sharp- so add accordingly.
4. Add 1 teaspoon turmeric and about 1/2 Cup of unsweetened almond milk. 
*Turmeric is a really strong flavor. If you know prefer less intensity and/or spice, then use less turmeric. The almond milk will neutralize the kick of the turmeric, so if you want that more mild, milky taste- add more.
5. Blend until creamy. 
*I went salt-free on this one, but if you want a little more flavor- add salt and pepper to your liking.
6. Cook pasta to whichever degree you prefer, and add cheese sauce to the pasta. Mix together until all pasta is coated. It’s easier to do when the “cheese” is hot. To heat it up quickly, you can add hot water- or heat on stove.
7. Just one more thing- I like to have greens with every meal, so we actually served with broccoli and it was delish! 


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