No Bake Sweet Slice

Just to warn you, these probably won’t last long in your household. 

These simple, but sweet desserts are free from added sugar- and actually provide nutrients, as well!

Plus, there are just a few simple ingredients needed. 

It’s safe to say, these are a new favorite of mine. I hope you love them too!


Coconut flour
Sea salt
Purified water
Coconut oil (optional if you’re on an SOS diet)
Optional natural sweetener (stevia, agave, monkfruit)

Nut butter of your choice (I used almond butter)

Pitted dates
Cacao nibs
Hemp seeds 


1. In mixing bowl, add 1 1/2 C coconut flour to 1/2 C purified water, pinch of sea salt, and 1 tablespoon coconut oil (oil is optional). If you want a more moist base, add more coconut oil. Option to add natural sweetener if you know you like your treats super sweet. 
2. Spread base onto bottom of glass Tupperware or any glass pan. Pack down until compact.
3. Spread layer of nut butter on top of base. I added a super thin layer, but if you want more of a nutty taste- then add more. Put in freezer when done. 
4. Melt 8 large pitted dates on stove with 1/2 – 3/4 C purified water. Stir until it creates a thick paste. Let paste cool. 
5. Once paste is cool (or coolish), spread thick layer on top of nut butter layer. 
6. Sprinkle cacao nibs and hemp seeds on top to your liking. 
7. Put in fridge or freezer until firm (freezer is simply faster, but make sure not to FREEZE the slices). 
8. Once firm, cut into squares, and ENJOY!

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