No Time For Yoga

4-Week Series for busy individuals who want to start practicing yoga but struggle to find the time.

About No Time For Yoga

This 4-week No Time For Yoga series is designed for busy individuals who want to start practicing yoga but struggle to find the time. Our classes are short and sweet, perfect for fitting into your busy schedule. Once you purchase this course, you will own it forever.

This is a Moderate/Intermediate level series.

No Time For Yoga is a program designed to cultivate consistency with your practice. The purpose of this series is to remind you of the power in showing up to your mat 6 days a week, even if it's only for a short practice.

All of the classes in this series are about 15 minutes long to ensure that you don't need a big time commitment in order to show up to your mat.

Each week there are 4 dynamic, creative Vinyasa classes that will get you sweating, plus one gentle, Yin-inspired class to help you wind down. Lastly, there's a new meditation each week that progressively builds in timing throughout the month.

All of the Vinyasa classes are Moderate/Intermediate level classes.

All gentle classes are Beginner.

All meditations are Beginner.

No need to practice the classes in order, so long as you commit to showing up to your mat SIX DAYS a week.

Course Curriculum

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24 lessons

24 lessons

5.5 hours of video content

8 hours of video content

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This just might be one of my favorite parts of my career—probably because I get to connect 1:1 with you all more intimately than I can in group offerings. As a yoga teacher in the industry for 10 years, I finally realized, “Oh yeah, I do know a lot about this!” I started offering mentorship services to past students who would reach out to me for teaching and employment advice. Since then, I’ve served clients around the world who are hungry to expand their yoga teaching knowledge and capability. Email me to book a mentorship session!


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