Northern Nicaragua: A Hidden Gem For Yoga Retreats

Ever since we moved to Nicaragua, and started Still Salty Escape, I’ve had so many people who are in the health, wellness, yoga and spirituality community ask why. 

Why did we choose Nicaragua over Tulum, or Bali, or even our ever so popular neighbor, Costa Rica?

And, look, I get it. There’s a reason why people think of these regions or countries when they think of yoga retreats. Because they’ve gained a sort of “spiritual tourism” that can be seen through everything from the accommodations, to the restaurants and activities. 

Although many of these places have attracted the hippie type for decades, the rise of Instagram has really helped to make them into a full blown yoga or wellness hub. I mean, c’mon, the image of a woman meditating in rice fields comes to mind when you hear the word Bali, right? 

(Okay, I guess we can also thank Eat, Pray, Love for that, too.)

Nicaragua is not that. It’s not a place where you close your eyes, and see the Insta-perfect scene of flower baths, and decadent plant-based meals served to you on a floating tray in a pool. In fact, many people I encounter don’t even know where Nicaragua is. And, when they do, they usually know it as “the place next to Costa Rica.”

So why? Why did we choose Nicaragua? And why, within this already quiet country, did we choose a tiny, remote village all the way north where the only traffic we see regularly is a herd of cows blocking our bumpy dirt road?

I’ll tell you. 

To me, this IS spirituality. This IS health and wellness. For me, this is even yoga.

What I mean is that we live in a place where we focus on feels more than looks. There’s not a lot frills here, and the infrastructure is minimal. Power goes out regularly, and most places in the country (even the nicest 5 star resorts) don’t have hot water. 

But the way you feel here trumps all of that. 

Because the way you feel here is light, yet connected. Grounded, yet totally free. Peacefulness is nearly tangible in the salty air. And nature’s wisdom shines night after night of star studded skies.

There’s a sweetness to the simplicity of life here: rising with the sun to surf, eat, yoga, work, sleep, rinse, repeat. 

There’s space to breathe here. Like really allowing you to take that big ‘ole belly breath, you didn’t know you needed. In that space there’s also solitude, silence, and stillness. Which, OF COURSE, can be intimidating, or even downright scary if it’s new to you. But once you get accustomed to it, once you start enjoying your own company alongside nature, it’s hard to go back to living any other way. 

We chose Nicaragua, because we feel Spirit in the land here. We feel Spirit in the ocean, in the food we grow, and in the air we breathe. It’s a felt sense, rather than something that can easily be captured by a phone. 

So, no, you won’t find the trendiest restaurants here, or stylish boutiques full of sustainable clothes when you do a yoga retreat in our sleepy little seaside village.

But you just might find something better. 

Something greater than consumerism, or Insta-worthy photos can provide. 

Our tiny little Northern Nicaraguan town, with velvety night skies and wide-toothed grins from locals just might help you find….you. 

And what can be better than that?

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