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So, in case you haven’t already heard me reference it- I’ve recently read “In the Flo” by Alisa Vitti. This book on hormone health & cycle syncing food with where you’re at in your cycle has totally rocked my world!

I’ve also recently discovered that I need to incorporate more GF grains & healthy fats into my diet.

Because of these two things, I see a lot of new creations coming your way!

This bowl is intended for the late luteal/pre-menstrual part of the cycle.

However, it’s delicious & nutritious any time of the month.


Micro greens of your choice (I used alfalfa’s sprouts) 
Hummus (click here for my recipe)

Sea salt 
Black pepper 

Bean mixture:

Kidney beans (dried or 1 can)
Salsa (click here for my recipe)
White onion 
Fresh garlic 
Sunflower seeds


Leafy green tops of beets (if you don’t have these, substitute with kale)

Sweet Potato Mixture:
Sweet potato 
Nutritional yeast


1. If you don’t have salsa and hummus already, make your own using my recipes linked above. 

2. Roast sweet potatoes and cauliflower with spices of your choice, or use from ingredients above. This might take 20-30 mins, which is why it’s best to do first if it’s not done already. Sweet potato should be soft, and cauliflower can be roasted to your liking.

3. Cook kasha if you don’t have any made already. This will take 15-20 mins, so best to do it before. 

4. In frying pan, use a dash of olive oil or avocado oil. Cook minced garlic, onion & spices until aroma is robust.

5. Pour one can or roughly 1 1/2 C of kidney beans into spice mixture. Add salsa to your liking (I had about 1/8 C left over that  I was trying to finish).

6. Add kasha to mixture (I used about 1/4 cup). And, use more spices to mixture of flavor is lacking. 

7. Cool on medium heat, then bring to low heat to let flavors soak in. Add sunflower seeds to your liking. 

8. In separate pan, steam beet tops (or kale) with a bit of sea salt until soft and hot. 

9. Once sweet potatoes are soft, add about 1 C to food processor with 2 tablespoons of tahini, and 1/4 C nutritional yeast. Spice with sea salt & red chili. Blend until smooth and creamy.

10. Once everything in stove is hot, then start to plate. 

11. Beet tops are the base of the bowl. Add bean mixture on top of greens. Include cauliflower around the sides, or on top. Include a dollop of hummus and sweet potato mixture. Use micro greens of your choice.

12. Eat warm. ENJOY!

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