Oat Milk


1 C Gluten Free Oats 
4 C purified water 
Vanilla bean
1-4 dates (optional)


1. Soak 1 C GF oats in 2 C purified water with vanilla bean for 1-3 hours. 
2. The oats will soften and release “milk” just by sitting in the water. They’ll also fatten up the longer you keep them. I like to do about 2 hours.
3. Keep oats in the purified water they’ve soaked in & start adding spoonfuls into the Nama juicer. I made the mistake of putting too many soft oats in my juicer the first time, and because they were so soft & liquidy already- it got backed up. Add 1-2 spoonfuls (with the water in the bowl) at a time. 
4. Pour additional purified water (2 C total) between every 6-8 spoonfuls or so. 
5. To sweeten, add 1-4 dates depending how sweet you like your milk. You’ll need to pour a little water through to get all the sweet date juice out. Make sure the dates are pitted.
6. Spice with cinnamon once everything is juiced.
7. Stir/shake to blend. ENJOY!

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