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My mini yoga podcast is for yoga teachers who are looking to improve their teaching in tangible ways, using 5 episodes that are each 15 minutes long. The short duration of this series ensures that you can carve out time everyday to dive into a new topic, while still providing meaningful information for your teaching career.

I'm coming into my 10th year of teaching and have accumulated over 1,000 hours of training in the last decade. Plus, I have my own yoga school that hosts retreats and yoga teacher trainings around the world! Rather than limiting all this knowledge and experience to in-person events, I figured this mini-podcast series format would better serve teachers worldwide.

Over the last decade, my students have told me how my insights have helped to significantly shape their practice and teaching. Through mentorship, guided teaching, and yoga teacher trainings, my students undoubtedly walk away feeling stronger in their purpose and confidence as yoga teachers.

1: Confidence & Self Practice
2: Cueing & Sequencing
3: Finding Your Purpose
4: Chakras & Yoga Philosophy
5: Business of Yoga


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