Mmmm…who doesn’t love spicing up their life with some homemade salsa?

This, of course, is a great additive, or great on it’s own.

Sure, you can get decent store-bought stuff just about anywhere now. But there’s something satisfying about knowing EXACTLY what’s everything you’re consuming.

Plus, it’s SO easy to make with only a few simple ingredients, it’s more like WHY the heck NOT?


Fresh tomatoes
Fresh red chili
Fresh Jalapeno
White onion
Fresh garlic
Sea salt


If you like spicier salsa, then add half of total tomatoes to spice mixture on the stove BEFORE blending. This will roast the tomatoes with fresh spices which not only brings out the flavor of the tomato- but also saturates them with spice, as well. If you DO NOT like spice, then keep all tomatoes fresh.

  1. Cut 5 – 6 tomatoes in half, and add to food processor with HEAPS of fresh cilantro (Again, you can also only add half to food processor, and half to frying pan depending on spice preference.)

  2. In frying pan with a dash of olive oil, add garlic, red chilis, jalapeños and onions. For medium to spicy, use 2-3 of each pepper (5 – 6 total). Don’t worry about dicing too finely, as they will be added to food processor, and blended anyways. Spice with paprika and sea salt, and cook until aroma is strong and onions are slightly softened.

  3. Add spice mixture to food processor with tomatoes. Blend until consistency you like. I enjoy keeping mine kind of chunky.

  4. Once blended, taste test and add more sea salt as needed. Add more spice with paprika.

  5. When spiced to perfect, include a squeeze of lime (I squeezed half of a large lime), and additional fresh coriander to top.

  6. ENJOY!

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