Should I Practice Online Yoga or In the Studio? The Pros and Cons of Each

Should I Practice Online Yoga or In the Studio

Let’s be real, The Pandemic really changed the game when it comes to online yoga, online fitness, and basically the online world altogether. 

It’s not like there WASN’T online yoga before (hello, we all know Yoga With Adriene, am I right?!), it just wasn’t the same scope that we have today. 

For better, or for worse. 

Nowadays, we have so many different teachers, styles, and types of yoga to choose from…all from the comfort of our own homes! While there’s certainly an appeal to practicing online, there’s also plenty of downsides to this kind of learning, too.

Today’s post will share a round up of the pros and cons for practicing online yoga in comparison with practice yoga in a studio. Just remember that above all else, as long as you’re practicing…that’s all that really matters anyways. 

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Should I Practice Online Yoga or In Studio: The Pros and Cons of Each

Pros of Practicing Yoga Online:

There’s so many reasons to switch up your practice from the studio to online yoga! A few of my favorite being:

Online Yoga Pros And Cons


Typically yoga online is cheaper than drop in studio rates. Significantly so. Take my app for instance. You get a FREE 7 days trial. And then the monthly fee is $14.99/month. Or $9.99/month if you sign up for the annual membership. 

Most studios have a drop in rate of at LEAST $20 (or more), so considering you get a whole MONTH of yoga for less than that is quite the steal. 

Access to Renowned Teachers

This is huge especially for those living in areas that don’t have a ton of yoga teachers (or none at all). This is MOST places other than larger cities, so it’s likely that this would serve YOU. 

Many world class yoga teachers have online content, from apps, to Youtube, to Instagram- so why not take advantage of their teachings if they won’t travel to a place near you?

Try my app for free HERE.

Comfort of Your Own Home

This also falls in the “cheaper” category, because now you don’t have to pay for commuting to the studio, nor for parking. YOU get to commute from your room to your living room. Not bad. 

Practice at home.

Replay Available 

One of the great things about practicing online is that you can pause, replay, and sometimes even ZOOM in on exactly what the teacher is doing. This can be really helpful when you’re learning something new, or refining something familiar. 

Try online yoga.

Less Self Conscious

Yoga can be a very vulnerable experience! Not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally, as well. Being at home can feel very safe to explore the depth of the practice, without worry about how you look to others. 

Pros of Practicing Yoga Online

Cons of Practicing Yoga Online:

As with all things, there’s going to be a good and bad side to practicing yoga online. The cons aren’t necessarily deal-breakers, but they are something to consider before diving in. 

Less Individually Focused Teaching

When a teacher is teaching live, in-person they’re able to cater their cues and sequencing to the bodies that are there in front of them. If a teacher is offering pre-recorded content, they (obviously) are not.

Learn how to improve the craft of teaching yoga HERE.

Learning Bad Habits

Because the teacher can’t see YOU, this means you might form “bad habits.” This can vary quite a bit. One end of the spectrum being risk of injury, due to incorrect alignment. The other end of the spectrum simply being that you don’t feel anything at all, and aren’t reaping the benefits you’re meant to from that specific shape. 

No Hands-On Assists

I know hands on assists are somewhat controversial nowadays, and let me start off by saying they should ABSOLUTELY always be done with CONSENT first. Assuming you are open to receiving hands-on assists in a class, this is obviously something you won’t have access to through a screen.

If you are NOT open to receiving touch, then this might actually make you feel safer- which is a pro instead of a con!

Learn more about hands-on assists in this post HERE.

in-person yoga class

Less Community

One of the great things about practicing in a studio is the sense of community that comes along with it. Sometimes being in other people’s energy is also quite motivating, as well. 

More Distractions 

Yes, the comfort of your own home IS a pro. However, this can also be a con, because we tend to have a lot of distractions at home! Whether your baby is crawling around, or your dog is pawing at you while you try to meditate. Or just being on our screens to access the class at all can serve as a huge distraction. It’s important to have clear boundaries when you’re practicing at home, so that you can maintain your space and calmness. 

Poor Quality

Look, I’m not saying teachers need to invest in high tech cameras, or even hire someone to shoot for them. Because, that’s pricey! And usually out of a teacher’s budget. Plus, I shoot everything on my iPhone for my app, and it works just fine.

However, it is important to have good sound quality. So, if you’re going to invest in anything, make sure to invest in a good microphone. I love the Rode Wireless Go , because of the quality, user friendly nature, and hands-free accessibility.

Yoga teachers, learn more about when you need to invest in a profession photo HERE.

Cons of practicing yoga online

Is Practicing Yoga Online Better Than Practicing Yoga in a Studio?

So, which one to choose?! 

After reading through the big pros and cons, you might be able to come to an easy answer for you. Or, maybe you’re like me, and you think a blend of BOTH is the way to go. 

I’m not really an all or nothing girlie, so most things I do tend to be a fusion. And the way I practice yoga is the same. 

I love being in the comfort of my home, AND I love being in community. 

I love hands-on assists, AND I cherish privacy. 

The best advice I can give you is to check in with your energy before deciding how and where to practice. This will likely ebb and flow on a day-to-day, or week-to-week basis. 

You know what’s best for you. 

Trust that. 



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