6 Simple Ways To Feel More Confident

Can we start a virtual Confidence Club, please? Think of it like a book club, but there’s no books- just a bunch of people who are sharing their tips on growing confidence every month. I think it sounds like a dream. 

Here’s the thing, most people I know would describe me as a confident person. And while I am confident in who I am, what I believe in, and my practices- I still experience moments of self doubt, or even imposter syndrome. And that’s okay. 

Confidence is so vital to carry you through many difficult situations in life. Everything from navigating relationships, to running a business- confidence is a key contributor that can help you navigate through life with a bit more ease. While having confidence doesn’t take away pain, struggle or hardship, it can provide you with the clarity and wherewithal to know who you are when the going gets tough. 

Today’s post is sharing my top 6 tips on how to cultivate more confidence in your life based on my experience, and my daily practice of building confidence. The best thing about all of these tips? They’re all totally FREE!

6 Simple Ways To Feel More Confident

6 Simple Ways To Feel More Confident

  • Create small, attainable goals.
  • Keep the promises you make to yourself. 
  • Follow through with your plans.
  • Establish consistency in your routines. 
  • Take time to self reflect. 
  • Work on your physical strength. 

Whether you’re going with the “fake it ‘til you make it” strategy, or you’re serious about building confidence from the inside out, these tips will help you to elevate your self esteem. Let’s be real, just about everyone reading this (including me!) can benefit from more a little more confidence in their lives. 

Sure, too much confidence can lead to characteristics of being arrogant, conceited, or selfish- but we’re not going to get you to that point. We just want to work you up to a solid middle ground where you’re still humble in your confidence. 

After all, typically those who are arrogant are actually insecure with themselves in some way. And true confidence comes with security of self.

Remember, when you’re working on yourself it’s so important to prioritize self care throughout your day in order to best support your evolution. 

Create Small Attainable Goals

The first tip in creating more confidence in your life is to create small, attainable goals. These goals can be in relation to anything from work, to family, to personal development. 

The reason I’m asking you to keep the goals small is not so that your thinking is small, or because I don’t believe you can do the big things. Because you can!

We’re keeping the goals small to ensure that you can actually do them regularly. Oftentimes, when we want to change something, we bite off more than we can chew. While this might work for a short period of time, it’s not sustainable- which prevents the real change from occurring. 

Keep The Promises You Make To Yourself

By setting small, attainable goals in your life, you’re putting yourself in a position that requires you to keep promises to yourself daily. 

It’s simple, really: if you say you’re going to do something, then do it. 

Think about your daily goals as something that can keep you on track throughout your day, and also something that can continue to build your character. Keeping the promises to yourself helps you to step into your integrity. 

You might find it’s easier for you to keep promises to others than it is for yourself. Guess what? That’s a sign of being a people pleaser! Which just means you might need to work on prioritizing yourself, and developing more self love. 

6 Simple Ways To Feel More Confident

Follow Through With Your Plans

For all of you out there who have no problem keeping promises to yourself, but struggle to follow through with your plans- this ones for you. By the way, I fall in that category. 

Following through with your plans helps you to create consistency with your words and your actions. Creating consistency is a huge component in building confidence. 

If someone asks you to do something, and you know you don’t want to do it- then just say no! Rather than saying yes, and canceling at the last minute. Only commit to the things that you have to, or the things that feel like a 100% hell yes in order to improve your follow through.

Establish Consistency In Your Routines

We love routines around here, especially morning routines because they help to set you up for success in your day. 

But the truth is, your day is made up of a million different little routines. Don’t believe me? Take a day to observe yourself, and you’ll notice that you have habits and routine sprinkled throughout your day. 

Routines build structure, and structure needs consistency to stay upright. Consistency is connected to confidence, because there’s a steadfast truthfulness there that just is. We want your confidence to be as unwavering as your morning routine, okay?

Don’t worry, your morning or evening routine doesn’t need to be ten million steps with a bunch of expensive gadgets and gizmos. They can be simple, and still be effective. Just create something that makes sense to you, your schedule, and your life. This way you can do it with longevity.

6 Simple Ways To Feel More Confident

Take Time To Self Reflect

One of the most important components to building more confidence is taking time to self reflect regularly. This can be privilege, I know. Especially for all of you out there chasing a toddler around, or running your own business, or working two jobs to keep food on the table. How can you take time to pause?

Try to habit stack to maximize your time. Perhaps this means using your commute to work as self reflection time. Or, my personal favorite, reflecting in the shower (why do I always have the biggest breakthroughs when I’m in there?!). 

Otherwise, you can start to build in a meditation practice with guided options, or totally on your own. Don’t forget that your meditation practice can also be a moving meditation, if you’re not yet comfortable with stillness. 

Work On Your Physical Strength 

We all know the mind-body connection is a very real thing. This is why it’s so important to work on strength in the body when you’re trying to cultivate strength in the mind. And vice versa!

Building physical strength comes with discipline, consistency, and the concept of keeping promises to yourself. You won’t get stronger by continuing to put off your work out, right?

I’m not saying I want you to focus on changing the way your body looks when you work on your physical strength, I’m saying I want you to work on feeling as good as you can in your body by prioritizing strength from the outside in. 

There’s something about feeling strong and capable in your body that helps you to channel that same strength and capability in your mind. Trust me on this one. 

6 Simple Ways To Feel More Confident

Let me know which tip has been the most effective for you in the comments. 

And, of course, share your own with your fellow readers below!



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