Spicy Sauerkraut


1 head white cabbage
1 head purple cabbage
Fresh ginger
Fresh turmeric 
Fresh garlic (6-7 cloves)
Cured Nutrition spice blends
Red chili (ground or fresh)
Sea salt


1. Shred/dice cabbage to the size of your liking, and add to a large mixing bowl.
2. Cover cabbage in sea salt, and massage cabbage until water starts to come out. 
3. Once water is present, add diced garlic, shredded ginger & shredded turmeric to your liking (I used a lot of each). 
4. Spice with Cured Nutrition spice blends. If you don’t have their spice blends, paprika and red chili are great.
5. I added extra red chili (ground) to my mixture, because we like heat.
6. Mix up everything, and then massage again to get more water out of the cabbage, and to saturate the water with the spices.
7. Once well mixed and massaged, add to a mason jar that is airtight. 
8. It’s important that the water from the cabbage is covering the top of the cabbage once in the jar. I put my hand in and packed down the cabbage to ensure the water surpassed the veggies. 
9. Seal in airtight jar, and put on a shelf that doesn’t get sunlight for up to 14 days. 
10. Check in on it daily. You can eat it earlier than the 14 days, but the longer it sits- the more fermented it gets.


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