Superfood Chocolate

Superfood Chocolate

This was an accidental discovery that turned so right..

As usual, one of the things I love the most is just how dang simple this recipe is, and how easy it is to make..

Feel free to spice it up with your own variations, mine is just sort of a baseline to build from..

Because it was a mistake, I didn’t measure (surprise, surprise), but I’ll include estimated measurements & properties of the ingredients so you can make your’s perfectly for YOU.

Happy eating, friends.

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  • Organic unsweetened cacao nibs
  • Organic coconut flakes (no added sugar)
  • Fruity superfood powder of your choice (I used plain, organic pitaya- but I’d browse the YourSuper collection to see if any of their options peak your interest)
  • Fresh berries or fruit of your choice (I used blueberries once & strawberries once- both were bomb)


  1. Add roughly 1 1/2 C organic cacao nibs, 1 C organic coconut flakes & 2 heaping tablespoons of Your superfood powder to blender.If you’re unsure about quantities:Cacao nibs are the chocolate taste, but they’re also naturally bitter if they’re unsweetened. These are rich in antioxidants, but if you like creamy chocolate you might want to go lighter on the nibs.
    Coconut naturally sweetens the bitter taste of the nibs. This will add extra health fats & help the mixture to be creamy & rich in flavor. It also helps to bind the nibs, so it’s important to have enough coconut.
    Superfood powder is not necessary, but more of an added burst of flavor & nutrients. If this isn’t in your cupboard, or out of your price range- it’s okay to skip it altogether. If you’re adding powder, make sure you don’t add so much that the mixture becomes gritty.
  2. Blend at medium/high speed until viscous (similar to consistency of nut butter).
  3. Spread evenly sticky mixture into Pyrex or glass Tupperware. I didn’t oil or line mine with parchment, but you can if you want to.
  4. If you have fresh fruit, add to the top of the evenly spread mixture. I used berries & sprinkles extra coconut flakes across the top. You can add anything, or nothing at all. You can also sprinkle cinnamon or sea salt here for added flavor.
  5. Stick in the freezer for 7 mins (roughly) to speed up the setting process.
  6. Remove & place in refrigerator until fully formed & solid.
  7. The easiest way for me to cut it was with a pizza cutter.


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