Are you feeling a little stagnant with your teaching? Like you just keep regurgitating the same cues over and over, or your sequencing is always kind of just….the same?

Or maybe you’re not sure where the heck to even start with this whole I need to market myself as a yoga teacher in order to be financially sustained in the world that we live in. I get it. I’ve been there, too.

It can be scary to find your voice as a teacher, and even scarier to put yourself out there online.

The good news is….I’ve got you.

Say hello to your new best friend: TEACHER BOOT CAMP!

Having taught countless students in both in-person and online settings, I've discovered that personalized attention accelerates growth like nothing else. That's why Teacher Boot Camp is your shortcut to success.

Here's why this is a game-changer:

💼 Convenience: No more worrying about travel costs, transportation fees, or taking time off work. This is a pre-recorded from our live training where you can watch from the comfort of your own space.

💰 Cost-effective: Say goodbye to the hefty price tags of in-person continued education courses. Our virtual sessions offer top-notch learning at a fraction of the cost.

👩‍🏫 Personalized Attention: Dive deep into your teaching journey with tailored guidance and support.

🔄 Interactive Learning: Experience dynamic lectures with engaging activities like games, practice sessions, and quizzes in real-time. Learn not only from me but also from your fellow teachers.

🌐 Expand Your Network: Connect with like-minded yoga enthusiasts and grow your professional circle. The power of community is invaluable on this journey.

And if you're already enrolled in or have completed my 100-hour CE program, this pre recorded live course will complement your journey beautifully.

That’s not to say my 100 hour CE isn’t also magic at transforming your teaching, because- trust me- it really is.

In fact, pairing Teacher Boot Camp with my 100 hour CE is probably the best recipe for success. Yep, that means if you’re enrolled in my 100 hour, or you’ve previously taken my 100 hour, this new live course will still be beneficial to you.

Teacher Boot Camp includes:

✔︎ Day 1: Refine Your Cues interactive lecture and Q&A

✔︎ Day 2: Intelligent Sequencing interactive lecture and Q&A

✔︎ Day 3: The Business Yogi interactive lecture and Q&A

✔︎ Feel To Heal series (16 asana and meditation classes)

✔︎ Homework PDFs

✔︎ 10 hours of continued education

✔︎ Limited capacity for maximum 1:1 time with me

✔︎ Recording link available for a lifetime

You can expect to walk away from this bite-course course with digestible methods, tips, and tricks that will uplevel your cueing, sequencing, and marketing right away.

The best part is that this course is super financially accessible. No deposits or payment plans needed!

To put it in perspective, my 1:1 sessions are $150 for a 45 minute session. 

That would make Teacher Bootcamp worth nearly $1,000!

But I’ve slashed the price, because - hello, I know alllllll about yoga teacher salaries- and I want to help as many teachers as possible.

That means you can elevate your teaching from the comfort of your own home from me for only……

(drum roll please)


SAVE $103 from original price of $400

It’s time to breathe life back into your stagnant teaching, and build the confidence to share yourself with the world with ease.

Join Teacher Boot Camp today and lets elevate your teaching journey together!

Here are all the products that are included in your bundle.

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3 Day Pre- Recorded Training

10 hours of continued education

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bonus (from regular price of $100)

17 lessons

9 hours of video content

Unlock your teaching methods, strategies, and techniques today!



Check out what other teachers are saying about 100 hour CE

"Thank you for the wonderful, informative course last weekend. It was a nice refresher course and a great way to be immersed into the language and focus of yoga teaching. Very nice activity to engage in to build on my teaching skills and knowledge.Thanks,
- Siobhan "

Teacher Boot Camp includes:

Day 1: Pre Recorded Live Training

Refine Your Cues interactive lecture and Q&A

Feel To Heal Yoga Series Class

a 4 week yoga and meditation series designed to help you move through your emotions.

Day 2: Pre Recorded Live Training

Intelligent Sequencing interactive lecture and Q&A

Homework PDFs

This document will guide you through each assignment you are required to complete in this course.

Day 3: Pre Recorded Live Training

The Business Yogi interactive lecture and Q&A

10 hours of continued education

for teachers looking to deepen their skills.

Pre Recorded 1:1 Q & A with Kayla

Limited capacity for maximum 1:1 (PRE-RECORDED)

Access to the recording 

Lifetime access to the recordings


When you sign up to Teacher Boot Camp you also get access to Feel to Heal series.

Feel To Heal Series includes:

Week 1

  1. Creativity Vinyasa

  2. Disconnection Vinyasa

  3. Guilt Yinyasa

  4. Unblocking Inspiration Meditation

Week 2

  1. Discipline Vinyasa

  2. Motivation Vinyasa

  3. Shame Yinyasa

  4. Celebrating Individuality Meditation

Week 3

  1. Confidence Vinyasa

  2. Curiosity Vinyasa

  3. Fear Yinyasa

  4. Empowerment Meditation

Week 3

  1. Joy Vinyasa

  2. Vulnerability Vinyasa

  3. Grief Yinyasa

  4. Total Recovery Meditation

Meet Your Teacher

Hi There!

I'm Kayla

I am a yoga teacher, humanitarian, and entrepreneur. I have been practicing yoga asana for 21 years. Over time, my practice of yoga has expanded beyond the physical & into a mental, spiritual, and holistic approach to life.

I’ve accumulated over 1,000 hours of training from a variety of schools, styles, and methodologies around the world.

In the last 7 years, I’ve crafted a unique style by pulling bits and pieces from my continuous study and my own life’s evolution.

I share my teachings across the globe through my retreat business, GLOW Yoga Retreats, and also online through my growing Instagram community.

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