The 5 Pillars of Starting our Business in Northern Nicaragua

Still Salty Escape was born with these 5 Pillars at the forefront of the creation process. These same 5 Pillars continue to uphold the values, vision, and overall experience for every person who enters into our space.

  1. Nature

    Still Salty Escape wouldn’t be here if not for the sacred land upon which we are lucky enough to live amongst. It was imperative for us to build structures alongside existing trees and wild plants. Anything we were forced to clear was recycled into making our furniture. Any dead trees were donated to local families for firewood, or ground into sawdust for our compost systems. We have a solar system in place to harness the energy from the sun (which comes in handy during power outages), and we also recycle all gray water.

    At Still Salty Escape, we don’t just live off of the land, we live WITH the land. We’ve planted hundreds of trees to supply food for our family and our guests. We practice plant based eating through an environmental and sustainable approach. All of our scraps from the kitchen, and all of the toilet paper scraps are used for our compost systems. We make Earth Offerings on a weekly basis to continually give thanks to this land for hosting us so abundantly.

    Nature is the core of our existence here. We rise with the sun, and sleep with the moon. We ride the waves of Mama Ocean, and sink our bare feet into The Earth. 

    We believe in unplugging from the noise to plug back into the wisdom that Nature will provide us if we’re truly listening.

  2. Movement

    Still Salty Escape thrives with a variety of Movement practices that are all inspired by the first pillar, Nature. Whether you’re surfing your brains out, yoga’ing your heart out, or hiking your buns off- we encourage all guests to take time to be in their bodies in the most loving way possible each day. 

    This can be something as simple as walking barefoot on the beach, or dancing alone on your rooftop. The purpose isn’t so much about WHAT you’re doing, but more so about the intention you bring into it.

    We believe in the healing power of loving Movement. And we believe in immersing loving Movement fully into Nature in order to reap the greatest benefits. 

    It’s our mission to incorporate celebratory Movement into each and every day that you stay with us.

  3. Community

    Still Salty Escape is only possible because of the local Community who welcomed us so graciously. We are committed to integrating into this Community with the same grace, and with the utmost gratitude. We strive to support our Community by providing jobs to locals first. All of our yoga classes are free for locals. When the time comes that locals become particularly taken with the yoga practice- then it’s our goal to raise the funds to send them to YTT, and employ them in their return.

    At Still Salty Escape, we believe in creating Community for each and every guest who stays with us. This means offering an open, non-judgmental, and inviting environment for people from all walks of life. Whether someone comes alone, or in a group, we are committed to upholding a space that reminds people that they belong here. That they’re home.

    Community gatherings and events are important to us, which is why we’ll host open yoga classes, dance classes, ceremonies, and acoustic nights. Coming together, and leaning on one another is what we’re all about here.

  4. Service

    Still Salty Escape is dedicated to giving back 5% of our total revenue each year to local community development projects. In 2022 we are using our revenue donation to fund a community well for Manzano 2 (where Still Salty is located) to benefit to locals who don’t have access to water today. We’re committed to supporting these initiatives financially through bookings, retreats, and events.

    The Salty Farm is also a place for education within local schools, and a place of Service to families who need help getting meals on the table. We encourage our guests to participate in our regular Beach Clean Ups and recycling program in an effort to maintain this place we’re lucky enough to call home.

    We strive to remain in gratitude for Nature & Community through loving acts of Service as long as we’re generating business here.

  5. Connection

    This is the thread that weaves all 5 Pillars together. At Still Salty Escape we are on a mission to cultivate Connection to Nature through Movement, Community, and Service.

    For us, Connection means total union: to self, one another, and all living beings. 

    We achieve Connection through Nature’s wisdom, through Movement’s joy, through Community’s warmth, and through Service’s heartbeat.

    At Still Salty Escape, we provide a space for all guest to explore Connection in every way. From getting salty every day, to eating homegrown meals harvested before their very eyes. 

    Whether you’re Connecting to yourself through breath work and yoga asana, or to one another through loving acts of Service within the Community- our hope is that you leave feeling full.

    Our hope is that you leave with the reminder that you always have a home here with us.

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