The Best Ways To Reduce Bloat

We’ve all been there….you know, when you’re so bloated that someone thinks you’re in your first trimester. Ugh. 

Not only can bloat impact self esteem and self confidence, but it can also be super painful. 

Plus, the reality is that if you’re getting painfully bloated often, then your body is actually trying to tell you that something else might be wrong. 

Not necessarily in a way that’s meant to send you into a headspin of panic, but more so just a gentle nudge to look at areas you might otherwise be ignoring. 

The truth is, when you’re bloated often- especially painfully so- then something is probably off with your digestion and gut health. And that something is definitely worth looking into for your own peace of mind, and pain-free existence. 

Look, there’s nothing wrong with overeating on Thanksgiving and getting bloated, or hitting the town too hard on a girls night complete with drunk munchies and bloat the next day. 

But there’s a big difference between those scenarios and getting a rock hard bloated belly anytime you eat…anything

Today’s post is for all my bloated girlies out there who are looking to figure out the best ways to reduce bloat in a healthy and loving way. 

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The Best Ways To Reduce Bloat

The Best Ways To Reduce Bloat

The thing with bloat is that it’s really a symptom of a deeper root cause. In order to feel as good as possible in your body, rather than suffering from chronic bloating pain, is to work on getting to the root cause of this symptom. 

Don’t forget that rather than listening to some random chick on the internet (hi, it’s me), you should always consult your doctor when you’re dealing with physical and/or mental health struggles. 

Yep, that’s right, bloat can also be linked to mental health, too. Just because it’s showing up as a physical symptom, doesn’t mean that the root cause is also physical. 

Wild, I know. 

Work On Your Gut Health

First and foremost, get working on your gut health. That means taking a high quality probiotic, eating foods with natural prebiotics and probiotics, and possibly even getting a stool test. 

Yes, this does mean you’ll have to poop in a cup, but I swear those tests can tell you a lot about your GI tract. 

Reducing Stress

Isn’t it kind of annoying when someone tells you to reduce stress? It’s like, yeah I obviously would if I could, but you telling me is kind of just stressing me out even more

Yeah, I get it, I can be right there with you when I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of deadlines, or have a bad fight with my wife. 

Stress happens. It’s our job to learn how to manage it. Because it truly is one of the worst things for our health. 

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Intuitive Eating

Here’s the thing, when you have five million rules about what you can eat, when you can eat it, how you can eat, so on and so on…your stress levels are going to increase. 

Working towards intuitive eating (eating when you’re hungry, stopping when you’re full) is a really great way to relax more around food, and to let go of the rigidity of your rules. 

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Or, buy the book by the founder Evelyn Tribole HERE.

Find Food Freedom

Finding food freedom can feel really hard when you see food as the enemy. And, chances are, if you suffer from chronic bloat, you might just see food as the enemy. I know I did when I was going through it. 

Again, striving towards eating intuitively can really help you get closer to food freedom. It can help you not only relax around food, but to even find pleasure in it. 

Learn more about finding food freedom HERE.

Take Allergy Test

I ate foods that I was allergic to for years without knowing it. It showed up in subtle ways (usually skin related stuff for me), but not like anaphylaxis, or anything extreme like that. 

If you’re eating something you’re allergic to, your body is going to be super inflamed. Like, all the time. Inflammation causes stress, and stress causes inflammation, so there’s also that hamster wheel happening, too.

Go to the doctor, get an allergy test so you eat make sure you’re not accidentally eating something that your body can’t handle. 

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Take Food Sensitivity Test

I’m so glad my acupuncturist recommended me to get a food sensitivity test, because this also helped me get to the bottom of foods that were irritating my system. 

Don’t forget, you can grow out of food sensitivities, especially once you restore and improve your gut. 

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The Best Ways To Reduce Bloat

Eat More Cooked Foods

Eating raw foods can be pretty hard on your digestion. And when your digestion is irritated, it might result in bloat. 

Try eating more cooked foods to be gentle on your GI tract. You’ll probably notices big difference right away.

Try my favorite kitchari recipe HERE.

Try FODMAP Foods

So much of diet culture is rooted in salads, cruciferous vegetables, and other foods that are delicious and nutritious…but can be super hard to digest for people with gut health issues.

Check out FODMAD friendly foods to see if that helps to reduce your chronic bloat. 

Try this high protein breakfast idea.

Slow Down When You Eat

Who else inhales their food? I know I do. 

The truth is, digestion starts before we even swallow, which is why it’s so important to chew thoroughly, and eat slowly. 

Plus, when you eat too fast sometimes you eat past your fullness cues. When you slow down, you’re able to check in with your body more frequenely to make sure that you’re eating in alignment with its needs. 

Learn more about intuitive eating in this post HERE.

Take Digestive Enzymes

Of course supplements can help your digestion and your bloating issues, but they shouldn’t be the end all and be all. Getting to the root cause is more important, remember. 

I love Digestgold digestive enzymes to help support my gut health, and can wholeheartedly recommend this brand to you after using them for years. 

The Best Ways To Reduce Bloat

Use Slippery Elm

Slippery elm is a great herbal supplement that can help to lube everything up to get things *moving* a little more smoothly. 

This herb is especially helpful if your bloating is a result of constipation or slow digestion. I love it, because it’s super gentle, while still being quite effective. 

Check Out Colostrum

I’ve loved how colostrum improved my gut health, and I also love what it’s done for my skin. But that’s another story.

I’ve been using Armra colostrum for awhile, but Heart and Soil also came out with some recently that I’m sure is good given the quality of their other supplements. 

Try Armra colostrum HERE

Or, check out Heart and Soil’s new colostrum HERE

Try Arrae Bloat Capsules 

I’m a sucker for Arrae Bloat Capsules. Honestly, I find them a little overpriced. However, I keep getting them, because they actually do just freaking work. 

Plus, these aren’t supplements I take daily. So, typically a bottle will last me for a few months, which helps with the price tag. 

Learn more about my supplement routine HERE.


Massage is so underrated when it comes to healing, I swear. Not only can massages help to reduce stress, which can impact your bloating, but it can also help to get all of that STUFF that’s stuck in your center moving a little more easily. 

The best thing about massages is that you can also do them yourself in circular motions on your stomach. Sometimes I also like to do it with my Therabody if I want something a little stronger. 


Yoga is a mindful movement practice that can help to reduce stress, and can also help to boost your over circulation and blood flow. Both of which can improve your digestion. 

Try twisting yoga poses to have the greatest impact on your digestion specifically. 

Practice yoga with me for a totally FREE 7 day trial.

The Best Ways To Reduce Bloat


Meditation is one of those things that helps just about everything. I swear, it’s like this magic tool that’s often neglected, because it sounds too good to be true. 

But it isn’t….it works!

Remember, you can always try moving meditations, if sitting in stillness doesn’t sound like the best fit for you. 

Try my guided meditation for a FREE day trial HERE.

Let me know which tip has helped to reduce your bloat in the comments below. 

I know it can feel lonely going through something like chronic bloat, but just know that everyone else reading this is right there with you. You are not alone. 

You’ve got this, my friends!



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