Tomato and Greens Soup


Brussel sprout
Sweet potato
Sea salt


1. I was roasting heaps of veggies for the week, and also making kale chips. So, I simply used the stocks and scraps from whatever I didn’t use with those dishes. Think, whatever you’d normally put in your compost!
2. Fill a large pot with hot water infused with fresh ginger and fresh turmeric (simply add chunks of both to hot water and boil continually).
3. Add veggie scraps and fresh garlic (I used 7 bulbs to hot water, and bring to a boil.)
4. Once boil, bring to low heat and add sea salt to your liking. Let veggies soak in hot water for as long as you can (I like to do it overnight, but turn the heat off when I’m sleeping).
5. When you’re ready for the broth, pour the pot over a colander to strain out the veggies and keep the liquid.
6. Reheat the broth to your liking, and have as is or add whatever else you like.
7. The broth makes a great base for any soup.
8. If you want to use the veggie scraps further, you can blend them until creamy, and add back to broth for a creamy veggie soup.
9. Once all stirred together, spice however you’d like. My go-to’s are paprika, cayenne, parsley, garlic, sea salt, black pepper, coriander, and mustard seeds.
10. But feel free to do your thing! Enjoy!

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