5 Types of Private Yoga Classes

We all know I’m definitely a retreat girlie, but I have to say, teaching private yoga classes is definitely a close second for me. 

I love teaching private lessons, because you’re able to cater the sequence for extremely specific needs- which ensures the client is getting the most possible out of their yoga experience.

Private classes are also a great way for you, as yoga instructors, to increase your income. 

Typically, the amount that you’d charge for a private session would be a higher hourly rate than group classes at a yoga studio. This is huge for yoga teachers, because the hourly rate that most yoga studios pay doesn’t exactly make it easy to pay the bills, am I right?

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Usually your students will come to you with specific needs for their private yoga class. Creating a safe, effective class around these tailored needs allows you to grow as a teacher. 

While you won’t have to practice your skill of teaching to the midline like you would in a group yoga class, privates will still provide challenges that will help to refine your teaching in other ways. 

Today’s post will share a round up of 5 types of private yoga classes you can choose from in order to improve your teaching, and to generate more financial freedom as a yoga teacher. 

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Five Types of Private Yoga Classes

There are so many options when it comes to teaching private yoga sessions. 

Everything from at bachelorette parties, to world famous athletes- the opportunities are endless, really. 

For the sake of creating a post that’s useful to the majority of my readers, I’m honing in on five specific types of classes that you’ll probably encounter when it comes to teaching private yoga. 

Private Prenatal Yoga Classes

Oftentimes, once someone gets pregnant they’re not totally sure how their yoga practice needs to modify for the needs of their pregnancy. 

All teachers who have undergone a Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour training will know the basic prenatal modifications needed. 

However, if you want to deepen your understanding of prenatal yoga, then I highly suggest taking a continued education course in order to offer the best class possible. 

Prenatal students can benefit from even just one private class in order to effectively learn how to modify their yoga postures based on the needs of their pregnancy. 

Try this Yoga Alliance 85 hour prenatal course online to get certified

Private Yoga Class

Private Yoga Classes for Beginners

Many people associate a private yoga class to be for advanced students only. 

When the truth is, there are plenty of beginners who request private sessions in order to feel more comfortable in group classes down the line. 

Next time you encounter someone who’s a total beginner, and a little intimidated to jump into a group class, encourage them to book a private class, instead. 

Private environments tend to reduce self-consciousness in new students, which allows them to actually deepen their practice, rather than worrying so much about how they look in a group setting. 

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Private Yoga Class for Beginners

Private Yoga Classes for Injuries

People with injuries or any other physical limitations can benefit from a private yoga class, because the sequence will be catered specifically for their needs. 

The most common requests I get from people with injuries are for back, knee, and wrist sensitivity. 

This is a great example of how teaching private classes will push your growth edges as a teacher. Think about someone who can’t be on their hands at all, but still wants to experience a creative, dynamic flow. 

Instead of all of the standard Downward facing dogs, High Planks, and Chatarungas that you’d normally use- you’ll have to think outside of the box to come up with something suited for their physical needs. 

Check out my 100 hour course in order to refine your teaching skills and sequencing. 

Online Private Yoga Classes

At the start of the Pandemic, I taught private yoga classes online daily. This was a great way to supplement my lost yoga retreat income, and also a really cool way to connect with students that wouldn’t otherwise be able to learn with me in real time. 

Teaching online is a great option for private classes, because it helps to reduce the price slightly for the students, while also saving you the energy of a commute. 

There’s truly no better feeling than being able to do your job from your living room. 

While the screen does create separation, it can also be a safety boundary. One of the dangers of teaching in-person privates is the risk of inviting someone to do classes in your home, or theirs. This is why I always suggest renting a separate space, or teaching online. 

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Private Yoga Classes for Groups

So you want to deepen your practice with a private class, but can’t afford the higher hourly rate? No problem! 

Group privates are the perfect option! I usually like to offer group privates for up to four people, which is perfect for two couples, or pairs of besties. 

Sure, a group private will definitely vary slightly from a totally individual private class. But it will still offer a more curated experience than a regular studio class. 

As a teacher, you can also market yourself for group private classes for events like festivals, bachelor or bachelorette parties, weddings, or corporate events. It can be really fun to put together a class for a group that’s experiencing something special together (like a wedding, or bach party). And it can also be incredibly lucrative to target larger corporations for private events.

How Much Are Yoga Classes?

How Much Are Yoga Classes?

Yoga classes will vary in price depending on: location, teacher, and length of time. 

Broadly speaking, a standard drop-in rate for a yoga class at a studio is about $15-$20 for one class. 

Whereas an entire month of unlimited yoga on my app is $14.99/month. Or, $9.99/month if you pay annually. 

See the difference? Location! 

Online classes tend to be less than studio classes for the most part. Which means even your online private yoga lessons will likely be a slightly lower rate than in person. 

You get to decide how much to charge your own clients when you choose to offer private. Just make sure to take all of your class planning, driving, parking fees, rental spaces, and education into consideration first. 

There ya go! You’re ready to put yourself out there to teach your first private class TODAY!

Let me know what your favorite type is. And most of all, don’t forget to have fun. 



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