Vegan Protein Parfait

Kayla Nielsen holding a bowl of Vegan Protein Parfait

This vegan protein parfait has become a fixture in our household the last few weeks, which is why I knew I needed to share it with you. Not only is it super simple to make, and only requires minimal ingredients, but it’s so freaking tasty- you’re going to get hooked on it, too!

It’s a sweet treat, while hitting all the right places nutritionally: protein, fiber, healthy fats, and warming spices. Trust me when I say your digestion will love this (hello gut health!), and you’ll get a nice boost of energy before your morning exercise. Plus, your skin will thank you for the probiotics and healthy fats. 

top view of a bowl of Vegan Protein Parfait

Vegan Protein Parfait

Okay, so the first thing to mention here is that this is more of a hearty snack, than a full-on meal. Well, I guess if you have a baby bird size stomach, maybe this would fill you up for a meal. But for most of us, I’m going to guess this will be something to tie you over for a few hours. 

If you’ve stayed with us at our retreat center in Nicaragua, then you know that we love to offer you a morning snack before the daily activity. Whether you’re on a yoga retreat or surf retreat, there’s always some sort of movement early in the morning. And guess what, I know a lot of you function this same way at home. 

Contrary to popular belief, skipping breakfast before movement isn’t the best thing for your hormones- especially for women who are still getting their periods. In fact, it can do a lot more harm than good. 

When To Eat Vegan Protein Parfait

Now, if you’re someone who struggles to eat early in the morning because you’re just not hungry- then perhaps a smoothie or protein shake is easier for you to get down. Great. But if you’re like me, and you like to eat your food instead of drink it, then this vegan protein parfait is a wonderful option. 

It’s light, easy to digest, and provides a perfect punch of fiber and proteins first thing in the morning. Talk about a great way to fuel your workout! You’ll be satiated and energized, without feeling overly full or sluggish. 

This parfait is also a great way to replace protein bars, or other packaged breakfast foods that you might snack on before you exercise. Not that there’s anything wrong with those bars, but if you can get the same nutrients from whole, real food in a fast way- then why not?

I also love to have this parfait as an afternoon snack if I’m looking for something heartier than fruit, but less than a full meal. It’s a great in-betweener that way. 

hemp seed for Vegan Protein Parfait

Ingredients For Vegan Protein Parfait

Vegan yogurt of your choice (I’ve been using Cocojune)


Walnuts (if not already in granola)

Hemp hearts

Chia seeds

Fruit of your choice


yogurt with cinnamon

How To Make Vegan Protein Parfait

As usual, I’m not big into measuring things out. I mean, c’mon, this is a snack for goodness sake- does anyone measure they’re making a freaking snack?!

What I will tell you is this: if you’re newer to yogurt and probiotics, start small so you avoid belly bloating after eating. Ideally the proportion is more yogurt to granola, and then a heaping topping of fresh fruit to load up on fiber. But you do you. 

Next thing I’ll say is that granola can be homemade, or store bought. I have a super simple and delicious homemade recipe here that legitimately takes about 10 minutes if you want to give it a go making your own. 

If your granola doesn’t have walnuts, or any nuts, in it- then make sure to add them into your parfait for a little more protein, healthy fats, and Omega 3. Walnuts are my personal favorite, especially if they’ve been baked with the granola- but almonds or cashews are great, too.

Instructions For Making Vegan Protein Parfait

These measurements are estimates, and good for one serving.

  1. Scoop about ¼ cup to  ½ cup of vegan yogurt into a small bowl. I like Cocojune yogurt, and find it at Whole Foods. 
  2. Sprinkle cinnamon generously onto your yogurt. This will help with digestion by adding warming spices.
  3. Top with granola. Ideally there’s less granola than yogurt, but you can decide the ratios you like. 
  4. If your granola doesn’t have nuts of any sort, then add some here now. I love baked walnuts the most. 
  5. Generously add hemp hearts next. This is where a bulk of protein comes from, so don’t be shy here. They also have a soft texture, and not a strong flavor.
  6. Add a sprinkle of chia seeds over the hemp hearts. These are crunchier than the hemp hearts, and high in fiber. Start small with chia if you have bloating issues.
  7. Lastly, add a heap of fresh fruit that’s local and in season where you are. I’m a berry girlie, so I usually go with a blend of blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. But any fresh, local, in season fruit will be great here. 
  8. Option to add another sprinkle of cinnamon onto your fruit, too, if you know you need a little more help stoking your digestive flame. Cinnamon is a warming spice that helps digestion, and regulating blood sugar. 




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