Top 10 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

There are so many ways that we can work to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And guess what? It also doesn’t have to be hard! And it certainly shouldn’t be stressful. 

It’s so important to remember that stress is one of the least healthy things we can do to ourselves. So, if you become super obsessive with being healthy to the point of stressing yourself out, you’re probably doing more harm than good. 

Yes, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for our physical health, mental health, and aging process. But it’s also vital that we’re enjoying life, and remaining an active participant in all that life has to offer. After all, there’s a whole lot of health to be found in joy.

Today’s post will share a round up of my top 10 tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while also cultivating balance. This means you won’t be tipping too far to one extreme or the other, but rather working to stay in that nice Goldilocks “just right” version in between. 

Top 10 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Top 10 Ways To Maintain A Healthy LIfestyle

We all know that we’re basically just giant house plants walking around needing sunlight, adequate water, and nourishment, right? The truth is, getting healthier really can be simple, so long as we stay connected to the core tenants of what it means to be well. 

It’s important to remember what the heck wellness is when you’re venturing on this journey of becoming a healthier more vibrant you, so that you don’t fall down the slippery slope of extreme wellness, orthorexia, or overexercising. 

When you’re feeling like you’re holding on too tightly to your health or wellness goals, challenge yourself by loosening your grip, and taking time to experience more joy in your life, instead. 

Stay Hydrated

When it comes to leading a healthy life, the top tip will always be hydration, because (as we all know) water is life. Your mood and energy levels can drastically change when you’re not hydrated, which is why it’s so important to drink enough water in the day. 

I like to carry my Yeti water bottle around with me everywhere I go so that I’m always hydrated. I’m also a big electrolyte girlie, and add sprinkle to my water bottle regularly. 

Using electrolytes ensures I’m getting true hydration, rather than only having water that’s been totally stripped of all its nutrients. 

Get Enough Sleep

A close second to getting enough water is making sure you’re getting enough sleep. Again, a super simple tip that can often be overlooked. There’s a reason why sleep deprivation is a form of torture, okay. 

I know that while getting more sleep is totally free and seems simple, it might be challenging for some of you depending on your phase of life (hello, new parents). Do your best to even sneak in an extra 15 minutes here or there while you can to give your mind and body a change to recharge and reset.

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Loving Movement

We love loving movement around here. Moving lovingly means that you’re moving in a way that celebrates your body, rather than punishes it. This means you’re exercising because, yes, it’s healthy for you. But also simply because you can

If you’re reading this, you have a body. While your body has its own limitations and capabilities, you’re still able to move it in some way shape or form. Try to do that more. 

Don’t forget to check out my app with hundreds of all level classes ready for you at your fingertips. Or, check out this post on how you can sneak more movement into your day.

Intuitive Eating

Practicing intuitive eating has changed my life. While I’m still not perfect at it, I’ve definitely come a long way from my disordered eating days. 

The long and the short of intuitive eating means that you’re listening to your body’s hunger, fullness, and craving cues…and then actually honoring them. Sounds easy, but can be tricky if you’re just getting started. 

I found a lot of guidance through this book when I first started my intuitive eating journey.

Tips for Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

Supplement Your Diet

Yes, it’s best to eat your food rather than taking five million capsules and powders. However, sometimes there’s holes in your diet that you can’t fill with food alone. This especially true for people with dietary requirements and limitations, as well as those with digestion problems. 

The best way to know what you need to supplement in your diet is to take a standard blood panel test to see what you’re deficient in (if anything). Rather than shoving supplements down your throat based on influencer’s advice on the internet, take a look at your own blood work with a doctor to figure out what’s best for you.

I will say that in my experience, I found that supplementing with organs has been the more impactful on my overall health, because I actually need less supplements since the nutrients in organs covers so much. 

Spend Time In Nature

Get outside. Like, right now. Read this outside! I’m telling you, fresh air and natural light is a mood booster.

Spending more time in nature is one of the best ways to boost your health, and it’s something that’s always available to us. All you have to do is open the door, and walk outside. Sure, city living folks might not have the big nature that we have here at Still Salty, but you do have fresh air and sunlight. That’s what matters. 

Getting outside can also help your Circadian Rhythm, which is vital in supporting your digestion and energy levels throughout the day.

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Self Reflection

Getting started with self reflection might feel damn near impossible if you’re new to it. Like, I’m just supposed to sit here and think about myself?

You can practice self reflection in so many ways: meditation, therapy, or journaling

Don’t forget you can always habit stack your self reflection time with other chores or tasks you’re already do every day. Like commuting to work, showering, or walking your dog. Take those moments in time to reflect on your mood, patterns, and overall wellbeing. 

Connect With Your Community 

I’m an introvert through and through, and yet I still feel an inevitable low when I haven’t had enough connection time. We are social creatures…yes, even my fellow hermits. Which means we need to take time to connect with one another in order to get to a place of full health. 

You can also sort of kill two birds with one stone here by going on a friend date outside, getting together with family over a nutritious meal, or going on a date to a work out class.

Try to make your connection fun, rather than something you’re just ticking off your list. 

Reduce Stress

Reducing stress is so much easier said than done. Trust me, I know. And, let’s not forget, there’s “good stress” and “bad stress.” We’re trying to reduce the bad stress, obviously. 

Good stress would come in the form of a work out, in that you’re putting some level of stress on your body to perform. This stress can help you to build endurance, stamina, and strength. However, if done in access without any rest days, it will turn into bad stress overtime. 

Use your self reflection time to notice what the “good stress” and “bad stress” areas of your  life are, and see how you can reduce the bad stress areas in a feasible way.

Lower Screen Time

Our phones rule our lives. I mean, chances are you’re reading this on your phone right now, right? While having this much information at our fingertips is certainly a blessing and a curse, it’s vital that we remember we’re the ones in the driver’s seat, rather than letting the phone sit in that position. 

Luckily, there are so many ways to reduce screen time thanks to all the handy dandy timers and stats available in the iPhone settings. Plus, when you implement some of these other tips like going outside, loving movement, self reflection, and connection with community- you’re less likely to be on your phone in those moments. 

Let me know which tip has helped you get closer to your health goals lately. 

And don’t forget to share your own tips with our readers in the comments below!



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